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  1. Thanks everyone for the ideas!! It looks like we are going to investigate Donsol further with Kona, Hawaii being a backup option. Appreciate the help
  2. Hi All, I will be heading off on my honeymoon in December 2011 and wanted to get some ideas on places to go. My wife-to-be would like to see either a whalesharks (or whales as a second option) I would love to see some Manta-rays. Open to travelling to 2 destinations if nearby. Any ideas would be very helpful! We live in Sydney, Australia and would ideally not like to travel too far (eg Pacific islands, asia/asia-pacific) Thanks Evan
  3. Well, i finally did it! I plucked up the courage to run a piece of sandpaper over my dome port. I didnt use the branded "micromesh kit", instead opting for a Micomesh Soft Touch Pads kit. I watched Panda's movie, and after many deep breathes, delved right in to the outside of the port. The first grade 1500 removed the majority of a fairly deep (maybe 1mm deep) scratch about 2 inches long. Completely gone by the time finished the second grade 1800. It IS a little daunting to see the port turn into a diffuser, but rest assured, even a beginner could do this! The hard part was removing a similar scratch on the INSIDE of the port. I had an accident a while ago where my lens came off inside the port and left a nice size scratch which would show up in pics faced towards light (the sun). ANNOYING!! So i decided to have a go at removing this also. The soft touch pads are much smaller than the full micromesh papers and make things a little easier when working on the inside of the port. Granted, my fingers were still sore after working on the inside of the port for an hour, but in the end, my port is now completely scratch free and taking photos like the first day I received it. Australians - There is an ebay seller by the name of The Sandpaper Man. Easiest place to order your goods I cannot give enough THANKS to rschrager for starting this thread and to the many who have posted their words of encouragement!
  4. Gday Jedi, As a self confessed novice my opinion could only be just that...an opinion. I personally think you have done well and produced some nice shots. The angles are ok, lighting is fine, clear pictures etc etc The only major feedback i could give you is to start working on editing them. By means of Photoshop, Lightroom etc., minor feedback would be to experiment with your exposure settings. I like to take photos of the same subject using different exposures to see which turns out. sometimes taking up to 20 frames per subject to get it right. Play around with some settings post-production software and make some fine improvements and you should see these come to life a bit more. PS: Love the nudi at the bottom, would love to see some more of it in different angles. Cheers Evan
  5. Speaking of which, i noticed a relatively shallow but inch long scratch on my 8inch port on the interior last week. Im gathering this is going to be very difficult to remove and wondered if i should use the above procedue, or does anyone have any other tips? Ive heard of things like Wet sandpaper and toothpaste working but havent found anything useful yet. Cheers Evan
  6. Hi All, This is the best of the 1st nudibranch pics that i took recently. - Location - South Coast NSW, Australia - Equipment Used - Olympus e-410, Ikelite housing, 14 - 42 mm lens, natural light - Post Processing Description (optional) - None (other than the resize of the pic) - Camera Settings - 1/60 sec @ f 4.5, 21mm focal length, ISO 100, -7/10 EV Any feedback, good and bad, would be appreciated. I am fairly new at taking photos underwater with a DSLR and would love any hints or tips regarding photos at this distance with this equipment. Any hints on post-processing this picture would be welcomed. Thanks Evan
  7. Hi everybody, I will thank your opinion about a camera and housing I would like to buy as my first underwater photo equipment. I´m planning to purchase the Olympus E-520 with the Olympus PT-E03 housing. Is it ok? Should I think in other housing? Even though I have some knowledge in photography, I am a complete novice in underwater photo, and since I thinking to buy lenses and strobe as well, I would appreciate your opinion on what is best. Olympus offers the UFL-2 underwater strobe. Should I buy that or other? Regarding lenses I would like to have at least a 50 mm macro and a fisheye. What would you recommend? Do these lenses need some accessories in order to be used with the PT-E03 housing? I´m in desperate need, so any tip, help, suggestion will be more than welcome. Thanks in advanced. Gustavo, from Campeche, Mexico Hi Gustavo, This post is probably a bit late, but for future reference to all that read. I recently purchased (a few months ago) an Ikelite housing for my Olympus E-410. Having used the camera for a good 6 months before housing. The camera is VERY light and small, which makes transport easy Being my first DSLR, i found it quite easy to use and the transition from auto to manual was smoother than expected. I chose the Ikelite housing over the Olympus based on experience of the manufacturer, opinions of other divers, size, weight, functionality and then lastly price. While i seem to have paid a bit more, i definitely got what i paid for! Have had no problems at all yet (fingers crossed). So in answer to your questions. The Olympus is a very good camera, but have a think about using the Ikelite housing as an alternative. Ikelite also offer some excellent strobes in the DS-125 and DS160 which are again, a little expensive, though futureproof. Cant help you with the lenses though, as i have only wide angle at this stage. Again, both Olympus and Ikelite offer many options for lens ports and accessories, really the choice is yours. Hope this helped a little, or anyone else who reads this. Regards Evan
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