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  1. wonder if the new RX100 II can do custom WB in video mode and able to adjust flash output level........
  2. nice vidoe... which mode and setting do you recommend to shoot video?
  3. - I was setting manual WB on a white book cover. NOT dialing in the colour teperature option (eg 6500Kelvin). - I set WB multiple times (everytime i start shooting). sometimes the RX100 give WB error, i believe it would happen when it is too dark to make the custom WB so the RX100 used the previous color temp. - Subsee + 10 or Inon UCL165 and the camera able to focus with max zoom (3.6X) with Subsee +10 - I Torch video pro 4 the original clips look sharper, i am struggling to render to the best quality...
  4. my video with RX100... i find the WA video is soft at the corner when finning foward... i used the Sony AVC for this video.... actually i tried the Vegas Pro->DNxHD->HandBrake workflow, but Vimeo cannot detect the HD after uploaded.... not sure why... and to improve the video quality, i think i will try reduce the sharpness and contrast next time. please give comment and suggestion... thanks.... Equipment: Sony DSC-RX100 + Patima housing... Wide – Inon UWL-100 28M67 + FIT red filter, manual custom white balance Macro – Subsee + 10 and Inon UCL-165M67, I-Torch video pro 4 X 1 Edited by Vegas.... http://vimeo.com/57727944
  5. there is no 30p option with AVCHD... and i would like to stick with AVCHD file format.... Spec: AVCHD: 28M PS (1920x1080, 60p) / 24M FX (1920x1080, 60i ) / 17M FH (1920x1080, 60i) MP4: 12M (1440x1080, 30 fps) / 3M VGA (640x480 30 fps)
  6. Thanks for sharing.... i have this camera and love it.... going to purchase the housing soon.... for video editing and upload to youtube and facebook, should the video files be coverted from 50p to 25p for better quality? or it does not matter? what would be the recomment setting for video? M mode, auto ISO, shuttle 1/100 and F8?
  7. did you use the camera flash or strobe? you could adjust the flash level in the setting to reduce the flash recharge time....
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