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  1. Thanks Steve, This is one image I took at Truk Lagoon. Obviously a strobe would improve the picture quiet considerably as would appropriate filters. The picture was taken with a Nikon Coopix 5900 5.1Mp, a fairly low end camera compared to what a lot of folks here would be using, but non the less does take decent photos. I've since invested in a pair of Sea and Sea YS-02 strobes as the Nikons internal strobe is near useless inside the Ikelite housing, haven't had a chance to try them out though. Cheers David
  2. Hi, I hope this is not too stupid of a question but I'll ask it anyway. A while back I did a dive and took some photos. When I looked at the photos on the compuiter screen the visability was noticaby lower than what I remeber it as being on the dive. I'm confident that the lenses on the housing and the camrera were clean and not inhibited in any other way such as fog. I dont think the issue I'm talking about here is backscatter as I've experienced that as well and it's different again. Could the reason for the lower visability be caused by the air gap between the lenses of the camera and housing being small? Whould a larger air gap from an extended dry lense improve the clarity of the image? Cheers Splint
  3. Hello, I've been searching for reviews on the Sea & Sea YS-02 strobe but have yet to find any. I'm looking at a few ebay deals with dual YS-02 strobes, fiber optic cables, tray and arms for around US$1000. I think it should be fine for what I'll be using, I have a Nikon Coolpix 5900 with an Ikelite housing, no external strobe. I imagine the YS-02s will be fine for the setup I'm using, I was just curious to hear some opinions on this strobe before I buy. Thanks Splint
  4. Hi, I have the opportunity to buy two Sea and Sea YS-120 TTL Duo strobes but I'm very inexperienced and don't know how much of an advantage there is in having two. The YS-120 TTL Duo has a 5100 Kelvin color temp and 105 by 105 degree coverage. I'm only using a compact camera (Nikon Coolpix 5900) and mainly want to overcome the issue of the housing restricting part of the existing flash coverage. I suspect one of these strobes would be fine but I thought I might ask an expert for their opinion. Thanks David
  5. Hi, I'm David form Australia. I bought an Ikelite housing for my Nikon Coolpix 5900 (very nice camera but probably discontinued by now). I got it from South Beach Divers, 850 Washington Avenue Southbeach, Miami when I was traveling in the States. I emailed most ikelite dealers in Florida and South Beach Divers gave me the best price, good people to deal with and wouldn't hesitate to recomend them. The only thing I'm disapointed in is that occasionally the black plastic which holds the lense in blocks part of the flash, but that is probably a generic issue with all housings for compact cameras. I guess the next step is to get an external strobe. Now I've made my first reply I can venture over to the lights, strobes and lighting techniques section of the forum and ask for advise. Happy diving David a.k.a. Splint
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