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  1. Thanks. I actually just received a reply from 10bar. Its still out of stock, but they will inform me when it becomes available again.
  2. I have bought myself a LX3 camera, and would also like to buy the 10bar housing. I have contacted 10bar and got an initial response (4 weeks ago), where they said they were out of housings and more would be available in May. I have sent them another mail last week and this week asking to buy the housing, but I havent gotten any response. Anyone else having problems contacting 10bar? Is there any alternate sources obtaining latest revision housings? (I live in Norway, Europe).
  3. I am not 100% sure but I believe you have to rotate the knob (the white dot shows the current position) and then push it to select. This is a picture of the first version (without proper joystick control):
  4. I also contacted 10bar asking about the joystick functionality including a picture and they sent me this image showing the new back with joystick functionality.
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