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  1. I am using the 2000 at the moment, No TTL capacity, just fibre optic trigger, using it with a Canon G9 in the ikelite housing and the whole deal is just slightly negative in the water, the battery cap is well sealed with 2 O rings, when for a dive on the weekend to 23mtrs and after the dive found i had left the cap only half screwed in, but no water entry into the strobe. It has been a good package for me to start with on the Canon housing but now i have TTL capacity i might start looking at a better strobe :-)
  2. Hi Tj, i have just picked one up from backscatter in the states for $459USD http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.Las...p;ftn=youbetcha
  3. Many thanks for the help, can you recomend another site to store images?
  4. Yes thats where it is, thanks.
  5. "HELP" i copied in the URL for the image but where is it??? first time poster
  6. Hi All, this one was taken at Candi dasa in Bali. Canon G9 and epoque 2x macro lens on night dive. Single Intova IS2000 slave strobe. Comments appreciated.
  7. OK, So now I've done the mod, easy! i have my epoque 2X Macro lens, so now i would like some tips on managing such a minute depth of field that i have with this set up. Any tips and settings appreciated.
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