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  1. Parting with my trusted D800 rig. Included is the Nauticam NA-D800 housing (version 1) that was recently serviced by Backscatter. The housing has the Backscatter vacuum system, and a nikonos sync bulkhead (manual) connection. Also included is a Sea & Sea 240mm fisheye dome port with corresponding bayonet adapter to use with Nauticam 120 ports. The dome port has very minor scratches, and I would have no reservation about shooting with it as is, and I am anal about how clean the dome port is. I have polished it twice over the time I have owned this dome, and it is in fine shape. Comes with a Nauticam dome port cover included. The housing has only very minor wear, mostly on the rubber part of the handles, and a little on the bottom. Overall, very clean. The system comes with my Nikon D800 body as well with body cap included. The box and manuals I bought it with, the battery charger and battery as well. Never an issue with this system, have taken it 275' in depth with no worries. I would prefer a sale within the United States, and will deliver it personally within a 100 radius of New York City. All shipping and insurance is to be covered by the buyer. I didn't get a chance to upload images of the dome port, as at first I wasn't going to sell it, but it goes with the system.Price: $3300
  2. Do you still have the SS 200 for sale? You can contact me via: wcs563@aol.com
  3. Here are a couple more images, including the custom designed and titanium fabricated tripod adapter and dovetail base mounts for the bottom of the rig. Very useful for turned the rig vertical, and mounting the strobes on either side of the unit as normal, not top and bottom as you would do if you couldn't change strobe positions. Also, you can mount four lights of course if you wish on the dovetail bases. Designed and constructed by DES corp, Union, NJ.
  4. Sea & Sea MDX300 with dome port, w/ neoprene cover, macro port (never used), gears for Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom, Nikkor 12-24mm zoom (and port ext. ring and +2 diopter) and the Nikkor 105mm macro lens respectively. Also included is a custom designed and fabricated for this unit out of titanium, a bracket for tripod mount and dovetail bases on the bottom of the rig, by DES Corp. Bought new in January 2010, maybe has 100 dives. Never a problem, well maintained by an owner who has had housed cameras since 1996, without a flood, ever. No issue with unit or manufacturer, just wanting to upgrade. Very fine equipment. Body and port caps included as well as all documentation and original boxes. You can check out many of the images captured on my website: http://www.wrightcreativeservices.com or check out my albums on Facebook under my name: Dan Wright. Many other pieces and parts available for TLC and Ultralight arms, Ikelite strobes and mounts, just let me know what you need, I probably can hook you up at a decent price. Problem solver here, we can make your system work! Thank you for checking... $2700 call me at 917-617-4536 Note that I added photos, but the exceptions in the sale are the Inon swivel finder is not included, I illustrated the standard finder laying next to the housing, and the 10-17mm Tokina lens and the Nikkor 105mm lens. The gears on the lenses are what is for sale only, not the lenses. I will also throw in the four dovetail bases which are on the rig currently and in the photos.
  5. I have bought all the slave sensors I needed, thank you for the responses. In a more detailed answer to why I needed the sensors, I have five IKE substrobes that I needed to place inside a wreck to light the subject from different angles and deep background. Each of the five substrobes are too far away from the camera to wire directly, so the sensors are needed to fire them. Some are far enough away from the camera's lights that 15' extension cords are used to bring the sensors closer to the action and key lights. It's a large setup being planned, and will require a concerted effort in order to get the shot, including the dive vessel, captain and crew, the model and other hands to help place the lights with clamps. -Dan
  6. Just a note, if someone has a slave sensor and is interested in selling, please contact me via message, not a reply. Thank you, -Dan
  7. I just have several older style substrobes I am attempting to sync up for a particular image. Inside a wreck, deep background lights, they need sensors. Best, -Dan
  8. Hi Starfish: Yes, I'd like to buy your Ikelite 4100 slave sensor. My phone number is: 917-617-4536, or give me your number and I'll call you. Thank you, -Dan
  9. Yes, I would like to buy your old Ikelite 4100 slave sensor. I have seven lights, so I am good in that depatment. My phone number is: 917-617-4536, or give me yours and I'll call you. Regards, -Dan
  10. I am sure there are some handy divers who have replaced thier Ikelite substrobe battery modules over the years. Since Ikelite is of no help, I must break into my five older NiCad modules and attempt to replace the "D" size cells, which there are 6 per battery pack. Wondering if I can get any good advice on where to buy the correct "D" NiCads, and even as simple as cracking open the module without destroying it. Thanks for help in advance! -Dan
  11. Not sure if you have sold all the stuff, but do you still have the Ikelite slave sensor 4100? Thank you, -Dan
  12. Want to buy two Ikelite slave sensors, the old style orange version, NOT the DS. Also interested in Ike ext cords, the 3' version and 15' versions to extend the slave sensor a distance from the substrobe. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I'm interested in two slave sensors and two 3' ext. cords. I'm bew to this forum, and couldn't send a message to you, so I have to repley this way. Please feel free to contact me at: -Dan
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