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  1. I agree that policies are important, but that seems almost a pedantic point since this forum is appreciably more pro-active towards identifying and preventing potential fraud than when originally joined ten years ago. Perhaps that why Tim felt it necessary to publicly call me out here? Regardless, if preserving discourse, which I admit started off positive and encouraging, is the primary goal here....then I offer this perspective that failing to moderate posts that veer out of that territory in the Classified section, might otherwise discourage or impair legitimate buyer-seller interactions...which for example has eroded my confidence in this community, and only encourages more spam/trolling/etc.
  2. Sorry you're not trolling...its actually gaslighting. Citing ethereal and unsubstantiated deals elsewhere, while failing to respond to private messages made in good faith about exactly what your "better price" is or even make a real offer. I'd love to have this whole thread deleted, but the admin/mods doesn't seem to be interested in keeping this a legitimate forum for selling equipment.
  3. WTF...so it's not a fair price then or are you just trolling?
  4. Decided to part with my Rolleimarine IV (#284x) housing that to my knowledge has never been used. Got it awhile ago from an old timer closing his dive shop and kept it as a decorative item in my home. So has remained there in collectable condition along with a rope absent any discoloration and a gasket that is still shiny with no silicon grease. Everything works, glass is clear with no scratches, all knobs/levers actuate easiy and has a lot of the internal parts but does not include the internal focusing/aperture tower. Figure its about time this iconic housing finds a new home..,as neither have the motivation to find these pieces and am also presently landlocked. More pics available on request, feel free to inquire with additional questions.. Price is $800 insured & CONUS shipped to your door, PP fees on me.
  5. I came into underwater photography seemingly backwards....in that had both a Hasselblad SWC/M and a Rolleiflex that I loved shooting with so went looking for housing for them both. The Rolleimarine was easy to find, but was is such good shape and without the internal parts that decided to keep it in collector condition. Spent a much longer time finding Gates H38 housing, and then moved to a land-locked state. Welp, now ocean-challenged am not doing much underwater photography these days. But am always hoping to find myself coastal again...
  6. I've been looking for a housing for my SWC/M for too long. Managed to get ahold of a mint condition Rolleimarine, but would rather use my Hassel. If anyone has one or knows of where I might track one down, please let me know. I'd happily trade the Rollei.... I already contacted Gates, and they have no leads on where to find an H38. Ebay hasnt been good either. Any other suggestions are welcome. thanks!
  7. New Fuji velvia 50 is not the same as old 50, so bear that in mind. It was re-engineered in 2007 after it was discontinued in 06 and I've noticed better sat on the old stuff. Exposure results tend be be the same, but there are some nuances to be aware of. Read some other blogs and forums to see what I mean.
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