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  1. Thanks for the correction Ryan on the nub removal. Hope to visit you all this summer when I finally get to dive in FL.
  2. Yes, but you may need to get rid of the little divot inside the port. Maybe someone from Reef Photo could chime in, but by carefully removing the inside divot, it allows me to us my 105 AFS with an extension ring, my 60 AF, and my 60 AFS. The guys at Reef Photo were real helpful in explaining this to me when I first got into having a housing.
  3. Something I learned going through the same experience... Moving the files within iMovie or Final Cut keeps the everything together. I found my answer here
  4. I bought the 36 cooler for my Sea and Sea Housing (D200), 2 Z240s strobes, and clamps. Zips up just fine. Helped me tote my rig around the island for snorkeling with the family also.
  5. Maybe, but she would not get as close to the eel as I was.
  6. Thanks guys. This experience has made me want to consider certification. But I think I need to start from square one - swimming lessons. My wife was there to guide me when I would spazz out due to the deep water. I was way out of my comfort level, and mainly worked on keeping myself safe as well as enjoying the surroundings. The instructor at DiveTech was great also. After the pool test, I felt a lot more confident in my intentions.
  7. I got the opportunity to spend a wonderful week in the Caymans (and thankful for a wife that understands why I bought a Sea and Sea housing for my D200) I wanted to share a few photos of my trip. This is my first time taking underwater shots via a Discover Scuba and some local snorkeling.
  8. That last shot is awesome. WOW!!!
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