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  1. Thanks for your input - it's good to get confirmation that this setup will work ok as at least one person told me this would be completely unworkable. I'm starting to realize that the world of underwater photography is not an exact science... I'm traveling to the Tuamotu Islands in French Polynesia (Rangiroa and Fakarava) - Air Tahiti only allows a 17x13x7" carry on. The problem is that I'm also into bird photography, so want to take a 500/f4 lens plus other equipment (FF second body, 16-35, 70-200) so I'm already going to pushing their limit - I hate to check bodies or camera equipment. At least I don't need a housing port for the 500mm! Sashka
  2. Hi, I am purchasing a Sea & Sea housing for a forthcoming trip (RDX-500) and am very restricted for luggage space so I can only take one port. The Tokina 10-17mm will be my main lens, so I will be getting a dome port for this (either the 7 or 9" diameter). However, I would also like to use my Canon 60mm (macro) lens in this setup, not for close-up macro, but for medium-sized fish portraiture. I'm getting very mixed messages on this. Some people say it will be fine (although I will lose the magnification effect of the flat port) and some people say that all the images will be soft and one should never shoot a larger FL lens behind a flat port. Has anyone got any input on this? If so, would there be any difference between the 7 and 9" ports, as the 9" port will have a larger radius of curvature (and thus be slightly flatter in the field of 60mm view). Thanks Sashka
  3. An added advantage of the 70-200 over the 100-400 is that it is weatherproofed, so you've got some protection against splashes on the boat. Get the 70-200/2.8IS, a 1.4x extender and a decent polarizing filter (B+W Kausemann) and you'll get some excellent shark pictures. Or if you're loaded and can handle a heavy lens, the 400mm/f2.8 will work pretty well too
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