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  1. Yes, it's still available. Paul
  2. Added - Canon EFS 60mm 1:2.8 Ultrasonic Macro Lens PRICE DROP - $1600.00 FOR ALL
  3. Thanks! This helped me narrow it down even more. So now I'm pretty sure it's a camera setting. Jumping the ground to trigger on the hot shoe adapter triggered the strobes. It's gotta be a simple setting somewhere in the camera. Anyone have any advice from a 5D or 5DS? I'm sure the settings aren't too far apart. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've actually tried to fire them outside of the housing with just the hot shoe connector attached while trouble shooting so I don't think it's a problem with bumping it off after inserting into the housing, although I did notice that this one is a much tighter fit than my previous model, so I'll keep an eye on that for sure. As far as orientation of the hot shoe, it's labeled as well with an arrow and I double checked and the contacts line up right. I'm kinda at a loss at this point. Disappointed for sure as this was a big purchase for this trip. I'm really hoping it's just a camera setting that I'm missing but I just can't fathom what it would be.
  5. Hello gang, I'm reaching out for some help to try to avoid calling Ikelite tomorrow morning. I'm in Roatan and have a brand new setup I'm using for this trip. Setup: Canon 5DSR w/8-15mm fisheye Ikelite housing Dual Ikelite DS161 strobes with dual sync cord I couldn't get the strobes to fire for the life of me today. The camera is brand new as well, but it was firing a 580 speed light just fine before I came down here, so Ive ruled out the hot shoe. I've been able to short the sync cable at the housing port plug and fire both strobes just fine, so I've ruled out the sync cord and strobes as being the issue. I've adjusted the settings on the camera and tried to fire it both with and without live view with no success. The White balance is set to flash. I've tried automatic mode, P mode, and Manual with no success. I've also read where turning off Silent Shooting in Live view could help. Nothing there seemed to make a difference. So either I'm missing a setting on the camera, or there is a problem between the hot shoe adapter inside the housing and the bulkhead plug on the housing. Anyone have anything else I can do to try to trouble shoot? I'm trying to avoid having too many days of down time as I bought all this gear in anticipation for this trip. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Paul
  6. Price drop. $2000.00 for everything, includes shipping to United States.
  7. Complete Underwater Photography Package for sale This is a perfect beginners package with everything you need to start shooting with a DSLR. At this point, I will NOT sell separately so please don't ask. If I decide to do otherwise, I will update this post. I am the original owner for everything included in this package. All items have been meticulously cared for. The housing was rebuilt (O-rings, buttons, etc) two years ago. The extra rebuild kit that is included can be used to save money on the next rebuild which will be due soon. The housing has always been fresh water soaked after chlorine or salt water use and has never been flooded. The strobes have also been fresh water soaked after diving. I’ve had the housing to over 250ft of depth several times with no problem whatsoever. All items work, as they should. I have taken many awesome photos with this setup over the years. The fisheye lens produces some amazing photos when combined with the strobes. My portfolio can be found at the link below. ALL images (including land based photos) in this portfolio were taken with this camera setup. http://www.redbubble.com/people/lenharpd/portfolio When traveling, I place the camera inside of the housing without lens / port and then store the lenses in a separate carryon bag. The Pelican case is the correct size for a majority of the airline requirements for carry on size. Although the strobes are not TTL compatible, I find shooting manual lighting to fit my style better. Shipping will be actual cost of shipping once buyer has confirmed address and insurance will be required. Images of everything included can be found HERE. Price is $2500.00 for everything. Camera and accessories: (1) Canon Rebel Xti Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera body http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos400d/ (2) Canon Battery Chargers for Xti Batteries (2) Canon Batteries for Xti (1) Canon EF 20mm 1:2.8 Ultrasonic Lens w/lens cap https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/lenses/ef/wide-angle/ef-20mm-f-2-8-usm (1) Rokinon 8mm 1:3.5 Fisheye Lens w/lens cap http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/769428-REG/Rokinon_FE8M_C_8mm_Ultra_Wide_Angle.html (1) Canon TC-DC58 1.5X Teleconverter w/lens cap (1) Generic 0.5X Wide Angle Lens with Macro (1) Generic 2.0X Super Telephoto Converter Lens w/lens cap (1) Targus Extended Battery Grip w/Canon Battery holder and AA battery holder (6) Quantaray Lens Filters – Most never used in packaging (3) Hoya Lens Filters with ring adapters (1) Generic Corded Shutter Release (1) Canon Wireless Shutter Release (1) Camera Armor Protection Case for use topside (1) Lexar 4GB Platinum II 80X CF Card (1) Lexar 2GB Platinum II 80X CF Card (1) Sandisk 4GB Extreme III CF Card (1) Sandisk 8GB Extreme III CF Card (1) Generic 2GB CF Card (1) Sandisk Neoprene CF Card Holder (1) Magic Lantern Guides Book for Rebel XTi - unopened (1) Generic Lens Cleaning Kit (1) Atlas Camera Backpack style bag to hold everything Multiple filters, rings, and adapters Underwater Camera Accessories (1) Ikelite Underwater TTL Housing for Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi DSLR w/port cap http://www.ikelite.com/housings/canon/6871.40-canon-400d.html (1) Flat Port for Macro Photography w/focus light bracket installed and neoprene cover – minor scratches from normal use (1) 6 inch Dome port for fisheye wide angle use with neoprene cover – Minor scratches from normal use (2) Sea and Sea YS-100A Strobes w/built in video lights – uses (4) AA Batteries http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/strobe/ys110a/ (16) AA high capacity rechargeable batteries with smart charger (1) Ikelite Dual Sync Cord (Ikelite housing to Sea and Sea Strobes) for strobe triggering – NOT TTL compatible (2) Ball / join arms with Sea and Sea adapters and extra joint clamp (2) Focus ring adapters for use with lenses (1) NOVUS 7136 Plastic Polishing Kit -2oz each – Used once, plenty left (1) Ikelite O-ring Kit 6201.01 Housing rebuild kit – unopened (1) Ikelite Ring kit 9059.9 – unopened (2) Ikelite 1” Ball and release Handle Extensions 9571.3 – unopened (1) Ikelite Silicone Lube (4 1cc tubes) – 5020 (1) Pelican 1550 Case to hold all underwater accessories
  8. I recently visited Bonaire for the 2nd time, this time staying for two weeks. My dive buddy Tom and I flew down for the first week and took TDI trimix training through Rec-Tek with Walt. My Wife and Tom's two daughters flew down and joined us for the 2nd week. As expected, our Bonaire visit was absolutely wonderful. Tom and I were able to dive the Windjammer as part of our Trimix class with Walt. As with our first experience (October of last year), Walt was great. Everything went very smoothly and the island is lucky to have the knowledge of Walt Stark and Rec-Tek. Through the recommendation of Walt, Tom and I hired a local photographer / Videographer to visually document our final class dive and visit to the Windjammer. Zsuzsanna Pusztai and her husband Leo joined us and produced an absolutely wonderful video of our adventure. Video - http://www.vimeo.com/12372689 Zsuzsanna - http://zsuzsannapusztai.smugmug.com/ Zsuzsanna gave me some pointers for my photography and I believe it helped immensely. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to taking underwater images and video. During the 2nd week, we got to dive a few sites that were new to us. Candy Land and Nukote beach were two of my favorite. It is definitely worth the extra drive and tricky entry to enjoy these reef systems. After diving some of the North sites one day, we decided to go through Rincon and see if we could find some lunch. Be it fate, or just plain good old luck, we found LeMaSe. Norman and his family host this small restaurant. I can't say enough about how polite and just plain nice Norman is. The food was wonderful, and we paid Norman another visit for milkshakes later on that week. I would definitely recommend LeMaSe to everyone. On Saturday, we stayed topside to assist with off gassing before flying. My Wife and I decided to drive the island to see what Bonaire has to offer above the water. We drove around and took some pictures. During this adventure, we visited the butterfly sanctuary. A nice little non-diving activity to enjoy, well worth the admission fee. After being directed by a Friend that is a local, we visited Antriol Catering service for lunch. OMG! Amazing food. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I think I'm more excited to visit Bonaire again because of the food at Antriol than I am about the diving! (Ok, maybe not, but darn close). My Wife had the Sword fish and I had the Barracuda (Yes, I like to eat fish, even the ones I swim with). It was absolutely the best fish I have ever eaten. I will be back! We stayed at Golden Reef Inn during this visit. Liz and Ed were very nice and were always able to answer questions. The accommodations were nice, and I firmly believe that I got my moneys worth during my stay. It's nice to stay somewhere smaller where you don't have a million people running around. As always, everyone on the island was very nice to us and we can't wait to get back. Here are some of the pictures I took during my stay. Images taken with a Canon Rebel Xti, 60mm lens, Ikelite housing, and dual Sea&Sea YS110A Strobes.
  9. Wanted. Used 4118.2 sync cord. Please contact via PM or lenharpd (at) gmail (dot) com obviously replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .
  10. Any chance you would be willing to piece it out? I'm looking for a housing.
  11. Brian, After a couple weeks, I finally got to my project. Here is the lathe version of your mod. Works perfectly. Thanks! http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/canon-cor...tml#post4355862 Paul
  12. Brian, Thanks for the info on this thread. I have a G9 and the cannon housing. I have ordered 3 of the stepping rings from BH photo and 2 of the Inon ucl-165 lenses from Uwphotography.com. I have a friend that is absolutely amazing with his lathe, so I plan on utilizing his skills to assist with the mod. I'm going to take pics the entire process and plan on posting them after its all done. I'm headed to Bonaire in October for a week and can't wait to see the results! Thanks again! Paul
  13. I'm selling my entire setup. This is a great package for a beginner or just someone that wants to carry a decent camera while diving. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=160317409146
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