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  1. Sea and Sea Compact Macro Port S, Compact Macro Port M and Canon F2.8L 16-35mm Zoom Gear All the items are in great condition. Make me a reasonable offer and I will accept. Pics available upon request.
  2. I did respond to your PM but haven't heard anything back. Let me know if you are still interested. Thank you.
  3. Hi All, I have signed up for a dive trip with acottonphoto to Mexico to dive with American Crocodiles but I am unable to go on the trip and would like to sell my spot. http://www.acottonphoto.com/#!crocodiles-banco-chinchorro-mexico/c1dka The dates are July 9th - July 16th and I am attaching the itinerary for their June trip but the july trip will follow the same schedule. I have made full payment of $3150 for this trip and we can discuss discount for you. Let me know if interested. Thank you, Nayan
  4. thank you all for the feedback, what about the setup? should i be looking at other strobes or lens system etc. Nayan
  5. I have olympus 1030SW with PT-043 housing and i am looking at different systems to add a strobe etc. I really like this Inon setup, http://tinyurl.com/d7c659 and wanted to know if it would be a smart choice. Do i have to worry about Inonamerica not being in business anymore. thanks Nayan
  6. I also have an Olympus 1030 SW with PT-043 housing and love the camera. It takes really good pictures but i am exploring at adding a strobe for it.
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