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    canon powershot sx10is, canon g11, nikon d90, nikon d7000
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  1. Nice photos tdpriest. On your 2013 Lembeh trip, are you using a DX or an FX?
  2. This really makes sense and I really learned from this response. Thanks for this genius thought. Much appreciated! Thank you, Bart! Awesome. Holy !@#$... This is my preferred IQ. I am upgrading from a d7k as well. Thanks for the tips!!!! @wetpixel: im contented with the responses and the awesome users. case closed XD
  3. Hi all, About to go SLR underwater (1st time) in a couple of months and these are the things in my mind right now: option 1. Get a 2nd hand full frame for topside and use DX underwater. option 2. Get a brand new full frame for both topside and underwater. I wanted to consider the full frame sensor because I shoot sea/landscapes and wide angle long exposures topside and i wanted to feel the upgrade from a DX. However, I do not wish to disincline with the macro side as well. along with the learning curve from 60mm-105mm and the number of subjects you can go with it. If I go full frame, will I lose a lot of productivity on the macro side? or is the image quality of a Full frame's UWA shot worth losing the macro of a DX? Or does the full frame dominate on both aspects? I understand that using the crop mode on the full frame makes the purpose of getting it, pointless. Since the D610 is out, I might wait for the D600 to go cheaper or just go for the D610 (this is not the issue). Lets focus on hearing your thoughts, "if" you were me, would you go full frame or choose the top of the line DX?(I'd appreciate if we leave the the d800 and d400 unspoken and i cannot afford 2 housings for 2 ports. Obviously this depends on me and there is no wrong or right answer. However, I am sure that your expert thoughts would help me more to factor out or weigh things better. Thank you in advanced! ; hope i posted in the right section. :D
  4. Hi, loved the pictures. May I know w/c cam/lens used here?
  5. I just bought a Canon Powershot SX10is, is it good or safe to bring it to the depths? Anyone here have sample shots, please post! Thanks!
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