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  1. They now come with the 4 clips. I had a 2 clip version but was offered a deal on the upgrade. I have not had any problems with mine at water level or in shallow depths.
  2. Mark, I have the same set up as you. That is the 5D mk II and the 17-40mm as well as the fish eye. I find that the corner sharpness is much better the 15mm. The fish eye allows you as well to focus a lot closer to your subject, but I find the focus noticeably slower than on the 17-40mm. I don't have any experience with the Tokina... Below are a couple of photos where you can see the corner blur of the 17-40mm (the photo above) and then a picture taken on a second dive with the 15mm showing more sharpness.
  3. Thanks Bill. My current set up is a 15mm fish eye and a 9" dome. I have been trying to take a split level photos at water level in moving water. My 9" dome works fine for this purpose in completely still water, but in rivers etc this is quite difficult. I'm note sure about how large is enough so I would appreciate any thoughts and/or experience on this. As the sole purpose of the dome would be to take photos at the surface I imagine that it would not have to be as robust. Having a large dome in moving water might though open up new problems such as lack of pressure to keep the port tight... Anyway I thought this might be challenging project and found it likely that this had been done by many!
  4. I'm interested in making my own giant dome for taking split O/U photos in situations where my 9" dome is unable to handle. I'm curious to hear if someone has any experience in this and is willing to share!
  5. fish


    So what is the equation behind the increase in magnification caused by the diopter?
  6. fish


    Thanks Tristan But why should I go for a +4 instead of +2? Do these diopters have any other side effects?
  7. fish


    Hi all I have a canon 17-40 as well and I just noticed some lack of corner sharpness - therefore considering diopters. Do you have any experience with diopters with this particular lens and do I need to consider something else (dome and so forth)? Also, does the diopter decrease my wide angle? cheers
  8. I just upgraded to a 5D mII and a ikelite housing from my 10D. I have used the 17-40mm with both cameras and I'm happy with the result. I recently bought the 8 inch dome but I'm a bit bothered that the corners seem slightly blurry or out of focus (for example bottom right corner here): http://www.hvitabirnir.is/Underwater/Silfr...16_RVhzC-X2.jpg Besides the 17-40 I have a 100mm 2.8 and the 15mm FE so if you have any questions I might be able to add some experience... hreggi http://www.hvitabirnir.is
  9. Canon 10D body including all manufacturers extras (excluding packaging). Ikelite eTTL housing for the 10D, including original handles, tray and zoom clamp. Both the camera and the housing are in very good condition. The 10D has approx. 15.000 frames and the housing under 60 dives (there of 20 in fresh water). Please provide me with email if interested and I will send photos. Price is 500 GBP for both items. Will ship worldwide but the cost is excluded.
  10. fish

    Ikelite strobes

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the Inon Z240. But as Balrog pointed out having two different light sources might make it look more natural in some scenes. But I wasn't sure if I would even spot a difference (except manually which I could also do with two DS125s). Having two strobes at the same kind would probably just simplify my life a bit. So then its just a question of LED vs halogen focus light.
  11. I am fairly new to underwater photography and started out with a Ikelite housing for my Canon 10D and a single DS-125 strobe. After 100+ dives of shooting I upgraded recently to the Ikelite 5D mark II housing and now Im cosidering a second strobe. So Im wondering if I should buy a second DS-125 or should I go for the DS-160? I know I'll use it that much so I dont really consider the difference in price to be an issue. Im just wondering if I'll run into some problems using two different (1XDS125 and 1XDS160) strobes at the same time?!? If you are willing to share your thoughts and experience on the matter I would appreciate it!
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