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  1. Unfortunately, I have to focus on developing a career right now am now unable to pursue underwater photography. I wanted to know if anyone can suggest the best outlets for selling underwater equipment and solutions on how to best deal with money transfer. I understand that I can do consignment, but obviously, that would not allow me to maximize returns. I plan on selling my Nauticam NA-D90 housing and accessories along with dual YS-250(s). I was also thinking, should I send the housing to an authorize dealer to certify that it still works? Thanks to everyone who responds in advance.
  2. Greetings Guys and Gals! I just moved from Guam to Seattle, Washington and am looking for recommendations on an instructor who teaches the dry suit class. I am also hoping he/she can help me find a good group to dive with in Washington. I am also looking to get into free diving, so if you also know any free diving instructors in the Seattle area, please let me know. Thanks to the people who respond in advance!
  3. yeah i made sure the latch was out. I dont think its a silly question at all, since I have friends who work call center tech support, they tell me all the time that some people actually forget to plug in their computers first. Whats a combo?
  4. I am having a hard time removing my extension ring from the dome port. Would WD-40 work or some silicone base spray? I would appreciate suggestions on removing it. I left the extension ring attached to the dome port for 2 weeks, so I figure that the lubricant is all dried up and stuff. Thanks in advance to the people who respond.
  5. I would love to hear some people's experience with them before I consider making the big purchase.
  6. I am trying to remember the title of a underwater documentary that I watched about a year ago. I can't remember which nature channel I saw it on. What I do remember is that it showed two guys freediving to 90 ft and capturing a tiger shark and oceanic white tip on video followed by the same two guys freediving in one of the sardine runs and also capturing it in video. I am trying to remember the title because I found it quite amazing that these guys didnt even use scuba gear, and I thought it would be great to watch it again. Thanks to those who respond.
  7. I had the same problem before. While I agree with what the others said about Lightroom, I chose to go with Photoshop anyway. The reason behind that was because the literature and classes on post processing available at my place was mostly on how to use photoshop. And when it comes to searching for how-to(s) topics (e.g. how to get whiter clouds in your images) on the net, people would normally explain them with photoshop. But the amount of literature i was talking about was back a couple of years ago. I am not aware of the prevalence of Lightroom literature today, but if theirs a lot now, then I would go with Lightroom.
  8. I don't know much about underwater fashion photography. But maybe contacting Aaron Wong for some advice might help (assuming you have not met or talked to him yet). http://www.aaronsphotocraft.com/underwater.html
  9. I wasn't low blowing. I just didnt see the 'ea' part. my bad. but it wasnt an offer.
  10. Congratulations! I love your site and find it very informative. I look forward to your future articles!
  11. Starting off in underwater d-slr photography, some people normally say start with a 60mm and tokina 10-17mm. This type of setup makes sense cause you get to dip your feet in both areas. But I also feel, that sometimes, the equipment you start off with can influence your direction in underwater photography. ( I'm also aware other factors such as either the abundance of macro critters and or numerous pelagics available locally can influence the direction as well, but i want to try to stick to equipment alone.) What would be better to start off with? Explore the possibilities with 1 powerful strobe and a macro and wide angle lens? or focus on one aspect we choose, either wide angle OR macro and explore what you can do with 1 and 2 strobes alike? If it helps, I am asking this question from a pacing/learning standpoint. Also, if you started off differently, I would also certainly appreciate to hear your story and progression. Thanks in advance to the people who will respond!
  12. Hi Guys, After admiring underwater photography for a few years, I have decided to take the plunge in this wonderful hobby. I must admit, the plunge was more like a painful belly flop from 50 ft above since underwater photography equipment cost an arm and a leg. But hopefully those prices motivate me to progress me beyond the position of 'slr shooter.' I learned to dive in Anilao, Philippines, but I am now currently residing in Guam. I hope to find some underwater photographers in Guam to join and hopefully learn from also. So if you're from Guam or the nearby islands, PM me! Joms
  13. Is there a site where I can verify other agency certifications? For example, I am a PADI Divemaster, and I can verify the certification of PADI members who forgot or lost their cards through padimembers.com. But what if I have guest from Naui, SSI, and etc who lost or forgot their cards? Are they doomed? I understand I can call long distance, but is their something like a combined diver database out there that can verify certification?
  14. Is there a reason why push down flaps or buttons are not standard on housings that have fiber optic connections?
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