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  1. Hi Kabir, I’m looking for a reasonably priced 4K setup for a one-off filming assignment. I have never shot with Blackmagic and I was wondering if you experienced any draw back when filming with it? Did you use it with an external monitor or only build-in? How well did manual white balancing work out with the camera? Did you use filters? How is the balance? Did you only shoot with the 8mm fisheye or any other wide-zoom with zoom gear? Any advice to help me make up my mind is appreciated. Cheers Eric
  2. Hi Bill, is this system still available? What do you call a significant discount? Regards, Eric
  3. Hi OWFotograaf, I just send you an email regarding the strobes. Thank you.
  4. I'm still looking for a pair or a single Sea & Sea YS-250.
  5. Hi Ontogeny, sorry for the late reply, I'm on a cruise in Komodo, Indonesia currently. I'm based in Malaysian Borneo. Can you please send me a personal message with details and your price expectations? Thank you very much.
  6. Good Day Wetpixel Community, I'm hoping to pick up some working condition YS-250 Sea & Sea strobes. If anybody has some for sale, please let me know. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the latest updates. The Mangrove Housing is already on the list under "Aditech".
  8. Thank you everyone for the input. The updated list can be downloaded here Happy diving and keep shooting!
  9. Many thanks everyone for the additional input. Updated list can be found here: http://www.ericmadeja.com/blog/files/4K-underwater-filming-options-UHD.html Eric
  10. Hi Mmakay, sorry to follow up on such an old post, but I have the same problem now. Did you find a solution to replace the connectors?
  11. The mystery still hasn't been solved. Here some feedback I received recently by Dr. Mike Vecchione from the Smithsonian in DC, Washington: "I have seen quite a few Macrotritopus and this does not look like any of them. In that genus the ventrolateral arms are much longer than any of the other arm pairs. It could be any of the long-arm species with shallow webs. There are many such in addition to Wunderpus." Any more suggestions, keep it coming. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that clarification Basil. Here the amended list: http://www.ericmadej...-blog-news.html
  13. thank you sjspeck, PDF updated http://www.ericmadeja.com/blog/eric-madeja-blog-news.html
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