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  1. Hi Everyone I must start by sending my complements to this forum, what a great place to find all those answers that you have been looking for, thanks. Myself I stared with a Panasonic FX7 in a Panasonic housing + an INON z240 a few years ago, unfortuately the housing decided to give up last spring and flooded my camera which left me with the strobe only - no picures last summer Anyways, I bade my time, saved some money and searched information on what to buy next and came up with: Canon G9 in a a Patima housing - a very good compact (the best until the G10 came out?), I didn't want to get another housing problem so I went for a high quality Al-housing, expensive - yes, heavy - yes, but made with clockwork precision I went for another INON z240 to get better lightning And since I was almost broke at this stage anyway I also got myself an INON UCL165 close up lens So with all this new stuff it is now only 9 days to my upcoming Philippines trip. cheers /Bjorn
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