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  1. To avoid hijacking Dr Mustard's post i thought I'd ask the question.. Has anyone else had problems with the nauticam viewfinder? When I got back from my dive trip in the Solomon Islands I noticed that the viewfinder was rotating around the bit that fits into the housing. I know of one other with this problem. Eleanor
  2. Hey Mr Bean! Nice shots. T and I dived the wreck a few times after leaving SS. One morning we got there at 6:30. the light was gorgeous and the jacks just blew my mind away. thoughts of anything else lost.... ahhhh... cheers Eleanor
  3. The nauticam port covers are next to useless, but so happy with my housing, but has anyone had issues with the viewfinder? I've also managed to bust the video activation lever. Not a problem as I don't use video.... Eleanor
  4. i have this. Don't forget the 60 mm port. :-) I like it. but have only dived with it twice so far. Come on summer! Eleanor
  5. the other guys make photocopiers too. We have one at my work. It does everything but licks the envelope, but when it breaks down (regularly) we're stuffed.
  6. the only time i used a silica gel pack in my housing I flooded my camera - my thoughts are that I wasn't very careful to make sure it wasn't fouling the o-ring. Still not 100% sure, but never used them again.
  7. I've got a nikon D300s and a housing, but never shot with it underwater, so not sure I count....
  8. Fabulous to see the Boto in its habitat. Awesome creatures. Let's hope that they won't go the way of the Baiji. Photos like yours, Michel, will go a long way to ensuring this does not happen. Thanks for sharing. Eleanor
  9. I have ordered the Zen 8" (200mm) dome port with my nauticam for the 10-17mm tokina and my 12-24mm Nikon lens. It comes with the Nauticam mount on it so I didn't have to concern myself with adaptors etc... I can't give you any feedback as I've not received it yet, but I'm going to see it before my housing.
  10. I was diving in Ambon last year around this time. The midnight flight sure was a horror and the early morning flight out was pretty tough too, but we had to drive for an hour to get to the airport. We were staying at the old dive lodge as the new resort had not been built, but the accommodation was significantly cheaper than it is now making it a nice affordable week. Djamal was great. He accompanied us to Banda for a week also. I thoroughly enjoyed the diving in Ambon, although we did get quite a lot of rain and we never made it to Pulau Tiga. We never saw the psychedelic frogfish as they'd "lost" him. :-( Was that a photo of the baby yellow rhinopias they have just found?
  11. I'm interested in your observations about not seeing them together. What about the incidence of weedys and leafys in the same location? I had the good fortune to encounter juvenile weedys and leafys on a twilight/night dive off Rottnest Island in WA last July. Eleanor
  12. Interesting subject. I was blown away when I saw my first Tassie weedy. They were much bigger and more colourful than the sad little specimens I'd seen around WA, which looked like the middle pic you posted Alex. When I did my two dives in Tassie, alas not in giant kelp, in January last year I was told by the dive operator that the female weedies have much deeper bodies than the males. Is this true? Eleanor
  13. Well, Chriso, given your previous comments to me regarding the extra expense for the viewfinder I consider this statement to be a big recommendation. Hope to catch up with you soon. Eleanor
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