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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't know why Ikelite left out this control either, when Nauticam, Sea and Sea, for example, managed to include this control using simple buttons. Although most operations ( all but one apparently!) can be done without the multi controller, it's alot easier because you only have to remember where one button (Q) to access most settings. The control that you describe is in the Live View Quick Mode where you get the option to control 3 settings. All you have to do is set the option for the focus point before housing the camera, then it will already be selected when you press the Q button. (This selection is kept in memory even after the camera is turned off.) You can then move the focus point with the wheels. The other 2 settings that could be selected if you had the use of the multi controller (Lighting Optimizer and image format) can be adjusted in the menu anyway. The problem arises in Live View Live Mode when you want to move the focus frame. It seems only possible to do this with the multi controller, as the wheels control the shutter speed and aperture. I have looked into the possibility of registering settings for different focus frame positions, and of customizing button functions without success. Any ideas?
  2. I have a 7D housed in an Ike, which does not have controls for the multi-controller. Has anyone figured out a way to move the AF Point around when in LiveView (AF Live mode) , which is normally done with the multi controller? Or is this the achilles heel of the Ike?!
  3. Is that the setup you use to get your extreme wide angle shots? Thanks
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