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  1. For sale Nikon D90 Nauticam Underwater housing with whole rig, including: Underwater housing Nauticam for Nikon D90 (#17201) With extra bulkhead Nikonos 5 pin (#25013) Macro port set: Compact Port Base (#18211) Compact Port 30 for Nikkor 60mm and Nikkor 85mm (#18301) Focus gear dla Nikkor 85mm (#19129) Dome port set (OPTIC GLASS!) Dome Port Sea&Sea 181x78mm - Optic Glass (#SS30104) Sea&Sea distance ring SX for tokina 10-17mm (#SS50261) Bayonet Ring for Sea & Sea DX Ports (#21301) Zoom gear dla Tokina 10-17mm (#19127) 3x Strobe Sea&Sea YS-90DX 1x Sea & Sea 5 pin Dual Sync Cord (#SS03470) Cord has been modify to operate in manual mode 2x Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Sync Cord (#SS17100) 1x Sea&Sea TTL konverter N 1x Strobe Sea&Sea YS-90Auto (modified to slave strobe) – I used this strobe together with regular one in slave mode as a combo in underwater caves / wrecks Focus light BIGBLUE with photocell Arm System: 9x double clamp (some of them brand new) 1x triple clamp 2x housing base 1x port base 1x T-plate base 2x Arm Segment 6” 2x Arm Segment 8" 2x Arm Segment 11" 4x Sea&Sea strobe adapter Lenses & camera: Tokina 10-17mm (#ATX107DXC) Nikkor 85mm (#2190) Nikon D90 Original Sea&Sea bayonet, some spare orings, grease etc All in perfect condition, ports clear, no scratches, marks etc, Lenses clear, like new Housing has some small marks on the bottom (see photos) which does not affect functionality, other than that perfect condition – like new Never flooded I paid for whole rig almost $11k Selling for GBP3000 or $4700 Pics of rig: https://plus.google.com/photos/105919025843884415884/albums/5798428712578302001?banner=pwa Photos taken with this rig: https://www.flickr.com/photos/arekpers/ Items located in Poland. International shipping around £60 ($100)
  2. Few shots from Bahamas #1 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11
  3. Just want to refresh topic Anyone has experience with small ZP1017 port and Tokina lens?
  4. It doesn't matter, I want to use it to build slave sensor for cave shooting
  5. WTB Ikelite bulkhead, could be from flooded strobes or broken housings
  6. there are more songs, actually 3 on youtube my favorite is "One Love" I have a goose bumps when South Africans sing in Zulu
  7. I don't want to open new topic so if someone still have those sensors (old one) I'm interesting Arek
  8. Abaco, Dan's and Ralph's caves There is couple of restrictions but not too bad. Ralph's is really tight
  9. Those photos were taken in Fangorn Forest, about 2200ft into the cave if you are certified cave diver you can dive there guided by local cave explorer/instructor PM me for details
  10. 1. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 2. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 3. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 4. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 5. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 6. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1 7. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=1
  11. Caribbean Reef Shark http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb...-5c3q5/item.jpg
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