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  1. That is such a cool setup. Is it the 9.25" megagiga dome? What are the advantages over the 8"? The price difference is really big... I have the d90 with the 10-17 tokina but I haven't bought a housing for it yet. considering the aquatica with ike 160 do I need two?
  2. I am also curious about this. is the FIX housing with the WA lens worth all that dough?
  3. Hey guys, This might be the wrong place to post, but it was the the closest I could get to my question: I'm buying my first underwater system and was thinking of the G9 since pretty much everyone of you own or recommend one. The Ikelite housing seems to be a good choice since I also want a TTL strobe and a wide angle lense. But what wide angle lens and strobe? is the DS200 from ikelite a good choice? and what about the olympus ptwc-01 for wide angle? I will be using the system most in Norway, where the water is pretty dark and green. Thanks
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