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  1. Thanks James I'll try those options. Until I can save up for a decent setup, I'll be using this
  2. Sorry if this is a very newb question, but I have tried searching without much luck... I have the Subal D10 housing, and just recently bought an older Ikelite 225 strobe with a single arm. My question is - how the heck do I get the two to attach? I've searched for adaptor plates or some device in that category, but didn't find anything. Any advice is appreciated! I've attached a couple photos for reference. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the tip everyone! I'll give it another try and see what happens
  4. I tried searching on this topic but with no luck... I hope this isn't too much of a newbie question. I took my D100 Subal housing under for the first time and it did great except for some reason the aperture/shutter controls did not work for me at depth (60-70ft). On the surface they worked just fine. I had to be in program mode the whole time rather then manual. Any thoughts on what would cause this? Perhaps its pressure-related? Thank you in advance! -Andrew
  5. Hello, I am new here, but just picked up a Subal housing for my old D100. Do any of you have any ports or handles for my unit that I could purchase. I don't really care about the condition of the handles, as long as they aren't falling apart completely. I am located in Southern California. Thanks! -Andrejs
  6. This is all really good news! The more this word spreads, the better! Not to hijack the thread, but I also strongly believe that we need to remember the cruel slaughtering of dolphins in the seas of Japan as well!
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