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  1. I have a Casio Exilim point-and-shoot w/ housing that I use on pretty much every dive, but more and more the buttons on the housing have started to stick. I rinse and soak it in hot water after every dive, and I make sure to work the buttons under the warm water to try to rinse them as best as I can. I've been told that I should use silicone on the button shafts, inside the housing and outside, and be sure to work the silicone into the rings really well. The problems I've been having though are that I can't find an applicator that will fit into the small holes in the plastic and still be enough to spread the silicone, and I don't know if I can safely use spray silicone or not on the inside of the housing. Any thoughts or tips on this would be appreciated, I really like this camera and housing and I'd rather not have to change setups because of such a simple problem. Thanks in advance for any help!! Regards, Joe
  2. Hey all, I'm Joe and I'm from Seattle. A friend of mine reccomended I come here and see if I can get some help with a couple u/w photography issues I've been having, so here I am.....
  3. What kind of climate will you be shooting in?
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