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  1. Great shots Alex! I can't see any ISO noise at all. Have you tried ISO higher than 2500 Looking forward to the full rewiev!
  2. After Christian Skauge posted a link to this discussion in a group on Facebook for Scandinavian UW-photographers, the discussion has been going on there (in scandinavian languages). I have come up with my opinion there as well as I have previously in here. Then a good friend of mine said, Morten if you are afraid of new technology then it could at some point keep you from getting better pictures... But I belive there is a long way with the DSLR cameras on the marked right now and the endless beauty in our oceans, before the creativity can only be pushed in PS on the computer. A Lytro camera for super macro could have saved me a lot of frustration, so no I'm not afraid of trying one ;-) But trying a Nikon D4 UW with the chance to shoot noise free ISO in the thousands (for what I've heard), would for me bee much more pleasing - because it's done "in camera" while diving. A D4 will be able to make well exposed clean wreck photos here in my home waters that has not been possible before - and it's all done in Camera. But again that is the satisfaction for me that beats the work in PS anytime. If I had a D800 I would still TRY to get my composition right in camera, but of course it could be nice to be able to crop and still have pleanty of resolution... But right now, Lytro, D4 or D800 is only dreaming.... I have more than enough with my D300 - and there's a loooog way before it will hold back my chance to make better pictures!!!
  3. For me the satisfaction of getting it right in camera beats everything!!! I've discused this issue with other uw-photographers, there are some who don't care if they have to spend more time in front of the computer when they come home from a dive. But if they enjoy it just as much as the dive itself, then it's their way of "making" uw-photos. Personally, I love to play with balancing the natural light with strobe light, and still try to get a nice composition (still learning) in the water. And I belive (hope) that in the end no matter how easy technology makes it to photoshop a uv-photo, the craft/art of getting it right in camera will always be respected by judges in competitions and editors of magazines. I live in Denmark where we have dark waters and mostly poor wiz, so of course I sometimes remove particles or give it some black or contrast if it's going to be just the finishing touch to an otherwise pleasing photo. But I'd rather not.
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