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  1. Hello! I`ve been shooting with a nikonos V for several years now mostly with a sea&sea 15mm: I am about to go digital(dslr own a d300) and have questions about focuscontrol for wideangle photography: 1. If I continue with manual control for example setting focus at 0.70m and a big aperature as I´m used to do.Where will I then get the focus (much talk about virutal image created by the dome haven`t quite grasp that)?Will it be diiferent compered to my nikonos V? 2.Are most people using autofucus with focus ligh?t What´s the techique there? for example a large fish approaching first you photograph it at about 1m the it gets closer till say 0.5m you don´t have time to change the angle of the focus light? Maybe i won´t need one? Will be diving in the bahamas? aswers much appreciated regards jacob
  2. As I understand the flash will simply not fire...
  3. As I understand the option youn have are 2-pin non tll or 5-pin ttl nikonosbulkhead and the same choice between the different ikelitebulkhead if you chose the non ttl version it`s not possible to get ttl ever but if you chose the ttl version you need a ttl-circuit(brand depanding your strobes ikelite or heinrich) even if you only shoot manaully .. cristal clear now ... Tll is great to have especially if you shoot macro .. regards jacob
  4. Hi! I kind of have the same question. I own a d300 but thinking about selling it and replacing it with the d90 because housing it with an aquatica is 1000 bucks cheaper for a d90(i live in sweden and our currency have lost 50% of it`s value against the dollar in six months)and my question is: is it really worth staying with d300 and maybe go for an ikelite housing? 12bit in raw(d90) against 14bit(d300) any difference in dr? more advanced autofoucs in d300(better?) etc... jacob
  5. i´ll be interested .... jacob in sweden with firiends in washington d.c (if I buy them that`s where i would like them to be shipped)
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