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  1. First off, thanks to Jlyle, Timmoranuk, Karel/Scubamoose & mikeqc for responding. Your inputs have been the deciding factor in my purchasing the Inon UCL-165 (which is now on its way to me...hehehehe). So, the take home message I got from all of you are: 1. Definitely get the 165 (x2 if possible) instead of the 330 version since the 330 is more useful for portraiture work while the 165 more for macro work. 2. Stacking caused very shallow DOF, so have to be careful with focusing, therefore must shoot a lot per subject. 3. To use the 165, DO NOT activate the in-camera macro function 4. both the "wetties" (hah! ) can also be used later on should I upgrade to bringing slr underwater, provided the lens port has 67mm screw mount in front. 5. Although all the pros here suggested getting x2 165, being a newbie in "wetties", with all due respect, I do have to agree with mikeqc, not to take the leap of faith in getting both 165s at the same time at least at this point of time (budget being the main consideration of course. ) Plus, I'm not sure I'll like it or not, though judging from the samples provided by Jlyle, I'm pretty much sold on the idea already. Thanks once again......KOMODO, here I come...hehehe Cheers from gloomy Kuala Lumpur, Bart
  2. Hi all, I'm itching to get a macro/closeup lens & have been thinking about those 2 mentioned above. As a newbie, I'm not sure which is more practical to get. The 330mm or 165mm wet lens? Does the 330mm means that I could stay further away from the subject? Anybody care to comment on the quality of these lenses? Could you enlighten me on the pros & cons of both lenses? Thanks in advance & hope to hear from some of you soon. Cheers, Bart.
  3. Hi Bill, Do you sell all the items as a package or can you sell them separately? Can we discuss this further? Do drop me a line at badrulhuzaimi@gmail.com. Thanks. Bart
  4. Hi Steve, I'm happy to help, just hope you can take a bit of time to see which images on my flickr (flicrk.com/photos/badrulhuzaimi) are worthy since a lot of pros here have pledge theirs as it were. Do let me know? Cheers, Bart
  5. Hi, Coincidentally, I searched 'watermarks' in the help file in my CS4 and it brought me to Adobe's community forum page. There I found lots of helpful info on how to set this process, automate it and batch process it for multiple photos. Maybe you should try the same and see if it's helpful to you. Cheers, Barttrigger
  6. Hi, I would like to chirp in with the rest for Divervision. No problems, no hassles. Excellent and speedy service. Cheers, Bart
  7. Hoooooolyyyy woww.... I'm having problem getting decent horizontal half-and-half, and he's doing vertical half-and-halfs.
  8. Ooohh.....so he went thru the "muck"? Indeed he is fearless... LOL Having seen the same kind of "muck" during my dives there, I understand completely what you meant. Well, the area under the rig may be a swimming (cess?) pool or pond when they have completed the project. Who knows? Cheers, Barttrigger
  9. Hi loftus, I know what u meant by the rig. It is ugly from the outside, but to be fair to them, they do provide an interesting experience for diving. I mean, being lowered down via lift to waters edge and then you just take the plunge, then at the end of the dive, they'll lower the lift about 1m underwater so that you can just swim onto the lift then they'll lift you up, now that's an experience. Comfortable rooms, with wifi available. Plus the price is quite competitive for the budget concious.....and no, I don't work for them, nor have any relations at all with them. I just happened to be lucky enough to follow marine park officers in visiting that place and experience what services they have to offer. Granted that there are so many garbage down there....but I just found out that the authority can't do anything about it despite the area being a marine park etc because the owner of the rig actually bought the entire seabed area where the rig is and it legally belongs to him/them. I got to know this 3 days ago. The point is, with this new project coming along, I'm sure they'll be as badly affected as those on Mabul itself, as the land reclamation will take place on most of the shallow reef flats of Mabul. Cheers, Barttrigger
  10. Hi Monica, Thanks a lot for your concern. I'm not sure of the company (s) involved in financing the project, but I will email my fellow mates over in Sabah. What I know right now is that the Sabah government is looking at the EIA before giving the final go. Am not surprised if they have started the ball rolling while waiting for the approval anyway. It's been done that way before. Did you see anything in that light while you were there? Will keep you updated when I get some news. Cheers, Barttrigger
  11. Hi all, Well, first off, what you're talking here is my home turf ....therefore I feel strongly about it. And the fact that I'm studying marine biology means that I felt doubly strong about this nonsense. Nevertheless, I have been involved in many a project to try and stop insane developments such as this one to know that, petition is good but will always fall on deaf ears....that the powers-that-be will always think that the reef will recover, the people will recover, the tourists will recover from the aftershocks and damages to be incurred. From my experience here, the way to do it is to have experts coming in and conduct rapid surveys to demote the EIA documents and also make it public. So, if people here in wetpixels are really concern, try and help bring in experts like Charlie Veron, Carden Wallace, Gerry Allen, David Obura, and many other world reknown experts to conduct rapid-surveys on all the biological, physiological, sociological etc.... aspects and to ask them to publish it online/live-daily on their progress and discoveries so no political bullshitters (apologies to all for the unappropriate words I'm using here) can intervene/hide their findings. I know Dr. Elizabeth Wood and her people has been active in that part of Malaysia for decades, so she could be of asset to the team of international experts. Then you get the United Nation Environment Program/United Nation Development Program etc... to come in strong to lobby against this senseless destruction. For your information, I found out from friends studying in Sabah (the state where Sipadan and Mabul is situated) that the oceanarium is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be land reclamation on the shallows of Mabul to cater for the resort. Imagine this, the current beach front resorts will be the center of the island once the project ends. How about that for land reclamation? Also, the EIA whose water quality/modelling was done by an international EIA company called DHI (I was told by friends over there in Sabah) stated that the construction/reclamation will not affect the massive area of seagrass bed found in Mabul. We may be a third world country, but come on......we no longer live on a bloody tree! Who are they trying to kid? Phew....that's the longest I've written in this forum ever. So, any other ideas anybody? Cheers, Barttrigger. ;(
  12. Hi, Well, I've installed it in my A620 and it's working like a charm...no complaints there. Unfortunately I've got no G9 to test it on (my girlfriend got a G10 which does not have the hack yet) though the folks in the forum who has G9 did report it is working like a charm also. Do browse thru the forum to see the relevance of it in a G9. Cheers, Barttrigger
  13. Hi, Besides the Nikon D90/60, maybe you should also look at Canon's 40D/50D range. Regarding lenses, I think you need to determine yourself which one will suit your needs/budgets. A good source nearby would be b&h photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com Other than that, all I could think of is ebay. Bought my whole 40d setup plus twin lenses package (Tamron 28-80mm and 70-300mm - not really good lenses, but sufficient....you may want to get original canon lenses though) in ebay last year and happily clicking away till today. Besides those lenses, I bought the cheap 50mm f1.8 II (for less than $100 new) and also a 10-22mm wide angle lens at standard retail price. As usual, with ebay, do take the necessary standard cautinary procedures. Cheers from sunny Malaysia, Barttrigger
  14. Hi all, I found this Canon digital camera hack program at http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK Maybe it will be useful if you want to push your G9 further. I've installed it on my A620 and it's working like a charm. I can now use aperture up to f16, shutter up to 1/64,000 and basically override all the Canon's reading to suit my needs. Good Luck and give it a try. Cheers, Barttrigger.
  15. Hi, I seem to recall a place called Mantanani island in Sabah, Malaysia which was reputedly to be the place to see dugongs. I think you can search for the info in Tourism Malaysia website. Cheers, barttrigger.
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