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  1. Well that's very unhelpful of them. I'd be happy to do it for you for minimal cost. It's really easy for a camera technician like myself, only takes around 10 minutes. However, I doubt you'll want to do that considering the cost/time of international shipping. If you were to do it yourself, you would indeed have to keep track of more than a dozen screws, but it doesn't necessarily require any cable pulling. That said, if you aren't concerned with affecting the resale value of the camera, then probably the easiest option is to just break/cut it out.
  2. Hi Hory. Yes, I have removed the USB/HDMI door from my A6500 because the camera would not fit into my housing with the door open (in my case, this was for a for a remote shooting setup with external monitor/battery). To remove the door non-destructively, you have to disassemble the camera a little. It's been several years, but if I remember correctly once you get the back of the camera off you can slide the metal rod out of the hinge and then remove the door. If you are comfortable disassembling cameras, here are instructions for disassembling the A6300 (they will also work for the A6500). I think you only have to get to the 6th photo in those instructions to be able to remove the USB/HDMI door. However, please be aware that there is the potential to mix up screws or damage the camera during disassembly, so I only recommend this for those who are comfortable/experienced doing this type of stuff.
  3. Hi, I'm Isaac from Arkansas. I'm primarily interested in freshwater photography in the southeastern US.
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