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  1. This happened to my D7000 housing recently, the buttons bloat over time and start to stick. I took it to scubacam in Singapore and they replaced the buttons with the newly designed buttons which are meant to resist bloating better. Comparing the old a new buttons you could see how much it had bloated. I have had the housing for over two years before it became a problem however and wasn't to expensive to change over.
  2. I have used the 18-55 with a subsee +10 and an inon 165. It doesn't provide very sharp images I have posted some samples on scubaboard before. The 18-55 with the subsee +10 produces some good results, but you will struggle to shoot small subjects like hairy shrimp. If you want to do super macro the sony nex is not the best platform at the moment, but if you are willing to wait the nex is a great small camera with an APS-C sized sensor and the best EVF of all the mirrorless cameras.
  3. The same problem with the microphone cable also occurred to a diver on scubaboard. It seems like if you don't think you will use the microphone it is best to remove it. Sorry for you loss but I'm sure you will love the Lermontov I have heard lots of good things about that wreck.
  4. Great shots Jim did you have any problems with the deeproof adapter? I'm thinking of getting the 105mm macro (I already have the subsee +10) so I can play around with some super macro shots.
  5. I found this critter on a night dive at Blairgowrie Marina, Melbourne Australia. I think it may be an isopod as it was quite large (around 1.5cm). bug by Byron.Fowles, on Flickr
  6. Can someone please help identify this nudibranch? marionia-sp (1 of 1) by Byron.Fowles, on Flickr
  7. Are you planning to test them with macro lenses? I would be interested in hearing what you think of their macro capabilities and how the EVF performs underwater. Byron
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