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  1. 2Jayhawks here, I am setting up my underwater videography system. I have a recent model IMAC with Final Cut Express. I am wanting to get a SONY HD Camcorder because I like the quality of its manual white balance funtioning at depth. I keep seeing mail about SONY and MAC compatability problems and wonder what is true and what is not. I would like to hear from those having success using MACs and SONY HD camcorders and making HD DVDs. I would like to know what you did to make the systems work, the settings maybe, and setting values...and how hard it was to do. - If possible, I'd like to set my system up as smart as possible. Thanks in Advance for any tips offered. Sincerely, 2jayhawks
  2. Ahhh forgot something else- get within a foot (no more than 1.5 feet) of subject (usually use macro setting) to get good color. align flash sometimes to be on side of subject- in macro- for instance flash through soft sponge on small shrimp works really nice. The sending of the photos is a real expert. Remember though it takes 100's of photos to get a few really nice shots. Good luck.
  3. Real Drew, Also another question: Was Final Cut the 199.00 Final Cut Express or the 1200.00 Final Cut Professional software? If it was the Express- I would love to know the setting questions and what they are set at. No worries if thats too much a problem. Thanks 2Jayhawks
  4. Real Drew, Thanks for the reassurance. I am looking at the newer harddrive HD cameras Sony has now. GATES housing will have a housing that fits them this summer. I bet the same settings that work for your models will work for these cameras. If possible, do you mind getting into a little more detail what settings you dealt with and what the settings were set to? If too much trouble no worries, but would help me alot. Thank you very much, 2jayhawks
  5. Hello, 2jayhawks here. I am new to HD Videography and would like to set up my system as smart as possible from the beginning. I have a current MAC and prefer the manual white balancing capabilityof Sony HD camcorders over other brands. Has anyone had bad or good experiences using Sony HD with MACs and if they were good please give me advise how to make these work well together. Thanks in Advance.
  6. (Ron Parker) Point and shoot underwater camera can be used very effectively without a stobe. Be patient, take many shots. I have found the following rules of thumb to help me: 1) snorkeling- ambient light is enough and decreases scatter so turn off strobe 2) If cannot turn off strobe with marine setting- then use sport setting if moving 3) get below subject if possible- or highlight subject with ambient light if you are above it 4) Use micro (ALWAYS WITH STROBE) if shallow and can hold still 5) Dont waste time on subjects that do not want their picture taken Good luck and happy shooting and learn from the mistakes.
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