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  1. Hi Tom, I have used this setup for quite a while (60 AF-D) and its performs perfectly on 1/80 - 1/125 / F18-F29 / ISO 200 and TTL -1 I just love it, however your lens might hunt whenever you're focussing closely. Cheers, Jaap
  2. I used a White Bal. card only with my Magic filters when I don't use any strobes, you need to balance about each 3ft of depth changes, in my macro shots (with flash) I commonly use FLASH as whitebalance preset and select a little more yellow/pink in the color adaptation. This because of the fact that my diffuser is on the strobe. (might be possible to resolve this with some LEE filters on the strobes).
  3. We've been to central Philippines aka Visayas, to the island of Cebu in the MoalBoal municipal. It's easy bangka-diving only 2 dive operators in the neigbourhood. We stayed at Magic Island (www.magicisland.nl) and used there diving facilities, definitely recommended if you like unique boat AND shore diving, relaxing and good dinners! Took my first pictures there in 2006 see also http://www.bonaire-villa.nl/reizen/moalboa...l%20Underwater/ Cheers!
  4. Hi All, This is my first post here at WetPixel from my 2day trip to Spain (LlaFranc) near L'Estartit. I dove together with my wife shooting with a Nikon D70s, double DS-125, 60mm AF-D, 10.5 fisheye and Tamron 11-18. Thanks for your comments! I will be in Bonaire soon to work with some new gear (D300)! Cheers, Jaap
  5. Hi Alex, I think the octopus is amazing as it remains sharp, has a nice DOF and colour balance in both foreground+background! I think shooting HIGH-ISO is quite a bit 'unspoken' as people are used to fire at will, "Strobe Power!"... Anyway thanks for inspiring again.
  6. Agree, I like the focal length 60mm, good macro lens in close range, and a very nice portrait lens as well!
  7. I just love the DS125 because of its quick(er) power recycle time! I think it's always a good principle to use the same strobes for generic UW-photography...
  8. It works for me as well D300 + Ike + double ds125! Sometimes I interchange the strobes with my wife's D70s setup on the fly.
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