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    Nikon D-300 + D70s, Sea&Sea MMII
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    Ikelites DS-125
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About Me

I started underwater photography about four years ago using Sea&Sea MotorMarine 2 analogue camera’s and Fuji Velvia films while diving Bonaire (Dutch Antilles). After shooting pictures on a numerous amount of dives, and increased expenses for the films used (stowed away in the fridge), I started using DSLR camera’s by the end of 2005.


Nowadays I shoot using a Nikon D300 and D70s for backup with different wide-angle and macro lenses in an Ikelite housing. I use the DS-125 strobes from Ikelite for my lighting. Depending on circumstances, I like to experiment using static lights and higher ISO values.


You can find my portfolio on diving in Egypt, Spain, Dutch Antilles, Malaysia, and Phillipines from 2006 – 2009 at http://www.bonaire-villa.nl/blog/portfolio/


Cheers and happy shooting!



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