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  1. Hi all I've just posted a trip report on diving Komodo in November 2009 on MSY Damai http://divehappy.com/indonesia/diving-komo...2009-msy-damai/ This report focusses on the diving itself with some pix. Hope you find it useful. Cheers Chris
  2. I recently spent 4 weeks on Indonesia's newest liveaboard, MSY Damai, diving through Komodo and the Banda Sea. I've just published a comprehensive review of the liveaboard itself, complete with photos and videos. I'll be doing trip reports on the actual diving in Komodo and the Banda Sea separately. The review is here MSY Damai Liveaboard Report | Dive Happy If you can't be bothered to wade through the review, the summary version is- it's an awesome boat for photographers and it's super spacious too - there's a maximum of 8 guests. The main challenge is for Damai to maintain the standards it's set itself, as it's operating on a different philosophy to most other boats. Hope the review helps Cheers Chris
  3. Hi all I've just posted some pictures of the sea snakes at Gunung Api in Indonesia's Banda Sea. Gunung Api has become famous for having hundreds of sea snakes on its underwater slopes and I can certainly attest they are very curious and completely fearless of divers! It was an amazing experience, and I only wish we'd had more time there - and a video camera. The way they move in the water is amazing. Anyway, here's the pictures on my blog. http://divehappy.com/indonesia/diving-gunu...the-sea-snakes/ Best Chris
  4. Hi Nigel I dived the Perhentian Islands a couple of years ago and wrote up this quick guide http://divehappy.com/malaysia/scuba-diving...-a-quick-guide/ I also wrote an article for Asian Diver about the islands, which is maybe less practical but more evocative of what you're likely to see. http://divehappy.com/malaysia/scuba-diving...lands-malaysia/ I would definitely try to get to Palau Redang, near to Perhentians - you can even fly into the island direct. There was some great diving there - I'd love to go back. Singapore based friends are very keen on diving Palau Tioman, though I've never been there - and if you have the time/money, head down to Kota Kinabalu to dive in the national park there, or Mantanani and Lankayan relatively nearby - AirAsia do cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur to KK, and also to Tawau, the gateway to Sipadan/Mabul/Kapalai. Have fun! Chris
  5. Hi all I did a trip report on diving Burma last month on the MV Jazz - it was great fun despite quite low viz and cold water (down to 25 degrees at some points). In Through The Out Door remains an awesome dive site, but there has been a worrying return of dynamite fishermen to the region, which doesn't bode well for the future. The full Burma dive report is here - hope you find it useful. It's got a fair few photos but they're not particularly great - I'm an enthusiastic but still fairly mediocre photographer! Words are more my thing. Best Chris
  6. Thanks for the great write up. I visited Sogod Bay in April 2006 and was also blown away by the jetty night dive. The whale sharks were amazing too - there was only one other boat looking for them when I went. I steyed at Sogod Bay Scuba Resort -- www.sogodbayscubaresort.com -- which was good fun - Ron and Phil, the owners, are great guys. I definitely want to head back to Sogod before it gets fully discovered - I think the relatively difficult transport links are what's stopping a lot more people getting there at the moment. Best, Chris
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