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  1. Good to know. I wonder how things have changed.
  2. So, I did a factory reset on the D300 that would not trip the strobes. It made no difference. I did not want to rest the D500, as I have adjusted the settings for quite some time. I finally did a reset. And, the flash now fires with the basic factory settings, with the speedlight. AND the Strobes thru housing. 1st D300 does not ... although it does fire using the SB500 and SB800 speedlights. I am still confused about this entire thing, but think I can go to Socorro with the NA-D500 working properly. However, it will take time to adjust the settings for U/W shooting. Does anyone have a "Cheat Sheet" for settings on a D500 for shooting u/w in a Nauticam? Not sure if that would be different than any other housing. But, I am days away from my trip and hope to be ready to shoot once I get there. Thanks in advance? Bob
  3. I leave for Socorro in a week. This is long and confusing. I am on day 5 trying to sort it out. Had plenty of time to upgrade from a D300 Subal with 2 DS160s, to a Nauticam D500 housing with same strobes. On the Subal I mounted a GoPro top/ center where most people place focus lights. For the D500 Nauticam I purchased a separate ball to mount the mount the GoPro. However, when the housing was sent to me, the Nikonos bulkhead was on the left, where I need to mount the GoPro. I tried multiple configurations before changing Nikonos connector to right side with GoPro on left. After removing the strobes and cables and mounts multiple times ... I SCREWED UP! Mounted the cord in a DS off a bit and bent a pin. When straightening it out, it broke off. Grrrr (many other expletives!!!). I figured I'd need to buy a new strobe, but went through a barrage of test with a tech on the phone and the strobes are fine. But, Tech figured it was a circuit board issue. One is on the way. This morning I hooked up my Subal D300 and the strobes do not fire using the camera, but will when I jump across the hot shoe connector, I tried the D500, and same thing. Will not fire with hotshoe connected to camera. So I called another dive shop and we went through the same procedures and more. On Nauticam, neither would fire, but would if I jumped the hotshoe connector. Wait a minute, I had a backup D300, put in a battery and viola! It fires! So somehow when attempting to fire with pins crossed at Strobe, it must have sent feedback to the camera itself so neither the first D300, nor the D500 fires. But, the 2nd D300 and a D600 fires it fine. This makes absolutely no sense to me, so think I have 2 cameras going back to Nikon and not taking a U/W rig to Socorro. I did a factory reset on the 1st D300, which made no difference. Still does not fire. I broke out a speedlight and a couple of other bodies. ALL cameras fire speedlight except the d500. Including the 1st D300 that would not fire strobes. Any ideas? I'm sure, after all this, it is something VERY simple. Or the camera settings, which would simple! Ha!
  4. Matt to you go? Do any diving in Shi Lanka? Not much info here. Bob
  5. This is an old thread, but am looking for any new info. Thanks so much
  6. Interesting! I have been looking at going FX for a couple of years and never considered DX and the 7100 as an upgrade. Hmmm Alex, what are your thoughts comparing the D750 and D810 for FX? For both wide angle and macro? Anyone else? Thanks
  7. I have been waiting as well. I think the new FX cameras in DX made will give us a similar resolution to the mystical D400, but with a better IQ. I am considering the D750 vs D810. I think the only advantage of the D810 over the D750, is the D810 will give a faster synch speed (1/800) vs the 1/250 speed of the D750. Above the surface, I think the D750 excels, but below, I think we need that faster synch speed for stones. Thoughts?
  8. Perfect timing for me! I am just beginning to look into diving the Philippines and certainly would like to photograph threshers in Malapascua I'm also looking at Apo Island area as someone recommended that area too. What lens would you recommend for the threshers? I guess they don't come too close? You went on live-a-board. Is that much better than land based there? Thanks
  9. Just a follow up. Rather than sitting on the beach crying about no diving, I ended up doing 3 back to back tours with G Adventures (formerly GAP). I toured from Singapore through Malaysia to Bangkok (BKK). Then from BKK through Northern Thailand and back to BKK where I picked up the last tour through Southern Thailand. I had no idea about the diving out of Krabi or Phuket b/c that was not my focus. Eventually, I ended up in Koa Tao for the last 2 weeks. The first day I went on a snorkeling tour around the Island and was not impressed. I found a small operator called Goodtime Adventures and they catered to my needs. I did some amazing, but easy diving with only a GroPro Hero in tow. The Gulf of Thailand does not offer that much in the way of advanced diving, but I was able to go to Sail Rock, Chumphon Marine Park, Chumphon Pinnacles, Southwest Pinnacles and some dives around the "other side" of Koa Tao. I wore my sling until time to dive and I got in the water, they dropped in my gear, I put it on and off we went. Reversed the process at the end of the dive and never had to carry a tank. There was never a rough day that made me question whether I should go or not and although the visibility can be poor at times, I was rewarded with amazing viz and great dives in a semi- controlled environment. I never once felt like I put my shoulder at risk. Now finally at 4 months out, I am allowed to start increasing range of motion and hope to start strength training in another week. I'm excited as I feel I have a great repair and look forward to using my right shoulder as it was intended for the first time in over 40 yrs. Thanks for all your input. Now will have to go back and check out Phi Phi, Similans and Phuket as dive locales.
  10. OK Guys. Thanks so much. I was being WAY TOO optimistic and was hoping to utilize time off of work to play and get in some serious diving. The doctor was able to reattach long head of bicep (100% detached)), Reattached and repair supraspinatus (20% left, prior), Unable to attach supbscap, (but probably won't miss it) and reattach SLAP tear (50% detached). What does this mean … IF I'M SMART … I'll probably have a fairly normal functioning shoulder for the next 15 years or so. Pretty exciting since I did this when I was 16 and have no idea what normal is. I am 3 weeks out of surgery and will not be working for several months so I'll still take a trip to Thailand. I've been cleared to snorkel if I can rig up a waterproof sling to stabilize and abduct elbow. I'll figure it out. Mainly, though, I'll play tourist, do some cheap exploratory tours and maybe take a sailing trip involving snorkeling, DiverDoug1 "interscalene nerve block for immediate post-op pain control. " OMG, that was the bomb! For the first time in my adult life, my upper traps and scalene muscle were not in spasm for a week! Neither my neck nor shoulder hurt. Highly recommended! Thanks for all the input, maybe I'll get in some diving soon! Off to Thailand in 2 weeks with no U/W kit nor dive gear. Probably gonna be the easiest trip I'll ever make.
  11. Thanks for the response. I have been getting cook book advice from many professionals about my shoulder since I was 16 (original injury). on one has really evaluated me and treated me. I'm not as concerned about pain as loss of function. Back in the day, I could do 100 pushups, Before my cervical fusion I could do 10, 1.5 yrs after the fusion, I can do one. Yup, messes with my head a bit. But I'm only 55, a mere baby and can no longer cast a fly rod. I can no longer ice climb and do mountaineering … So, my plan is to fix the shoulder and fish and climb some more .. or move to a spot where I can slip into the water and get some relief. No sense in being in AK year round if I'm hanging inside for 6 months a year. Hence the query of finding a warm, inexpensive spot to recuperate and eventually hole up all winter ...
  12. Thanks Steve. Yeah, a supraspinatus repair is quite common, but usually heal nicely if you don't wait too long. I'm curious why your doctor chose a tenodesis vs a SLAP repair? Extent vs age of injury? I keep hearing shoulders just hurt. Regardless, it's time!
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