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  1. Hi there, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Will take a look at those sites later when I'm not on my phone. Not sure where I'll be heading yet. I know I'll only have 5 days in Melbourne around the 18th April and no car I don't think so it will all depend on where I can get to. I'm not sure how easy it is to get to Blairgowrie etc so it's something I'll have to look into when I'm there. Really excited now... Just trying to cut the weight of my case down!!
  2. Hey, Thanks for the reply. Think I'll bring my 5mm semi dry and thermal undersuit! saves faffing with my shortie on top! Can't wait to get out there - still newish to underwater photography and have just upgraded from a canon ixus 850 to a G9... so hoping to get some good pics! Do you recommend any dive clubs in Melbourne in particular? I'm only really looking for some shore dives where I'm likely to find lots of critters/nudibranchs etc. A picture of a blue ringed octopus would be great! However, I remember reading somewhere that when you see the blue rings... you're for it!!?? Thanks again, Ashley.
  3. Hi there, thought I'd comment on this thread rather than starting a new one. I'm heading to both Melbourne and Sydney in April and was hoping to get a few dives in in both places. Just wondered if anyone could let me know what water temperatures are like at this time of year as I'm not sure what suits to bring. Any advice would be much appreciated! Also, if anyone has any dive club recommendations - that'd be great too! Many thanks, Ashley
  4. thanks for getting back to me - ive decided not to go ahead with 125s. just thought i'd let you know. thanks anyway :-)
  5. Hi there, I'm looking to buy an Inon D2000 strobe... preferably with an Inon tray, clamps and an 8" arm. Thanks, Ashley.
  6. Hi there, Can the DS125s be optically fired? As I have a canon ixus 850is (looking to upgrade to the sx200 is or something similar in the future). Also, would you ship to the UK. If so, how much would you be looking at as a total price? Many thanks, Ashley
  7. Hi Phil, A friend of mine has purchased equipment from you in the past and recommended you. I was just wondering if you still have the strobe? If so, would you be able to answer me a few questions. I have a canon ixus 850 IS with WP DC9 housing. I was thinking of upgrading this, however I think i'm just going to play about with a strobe on this setup first. Would the DS-125 be suitable (and suitable for say... a canon ixus 970 IS or powershot sx200 IS if i were to get one of these in the future)? I have been told to look for an inon d2000, however have not come across one for sale. I gather the DS-125 would be better for wide angle anyway? Sorry if some of my questions seem a bit stupid - i'm a newbie to strobes if you hadn't already guessed! Any information would be greatful - i.e. what i'd need in addition to the strobe you're selling - if you have a tray and arm that would fit etc. Also what would you be looking at price wise for the single stobe, as I can see you've already separated them and would you post to the UK? Many thanks.
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