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  1. What options do I have with a Nauticam port 65 using an Olympus EM1 60mm macro lens. Looking for a converter or diopter to add to the port for super macro.
  2. Factory PT-EP11 housing for EM1 for sale with glass dome port and factory flat port. Port works with 60mm macro and multiple wide angle lenses. Flat port has small surface scratch but does not affect pictures at all. Includes dual handle tray. $600
  3. I have a PT-EP11 housing, flat port (works with 60mm macro) and Zen WA-100-EP Dome port. Included are dual tray handles. All in good condition and recently used. Make offer.
  4. I found it. This topic is closed.
  5. Looking for nauticam port for olympus 60mm lens
  6. I looked at the strobe again (first time since I came back from trip). As soon as the battery goes in (without turning on the strobe) the green light comes on. When you turn the strobe to on (any mode) it does make the whining sound. At that point, both the red and the green lights come on together.
  7. It doesn't make the usual sound when turned on, it's silent. The tubes are clear and everything looks new.
  8. While on a recent dive trip, after a few dives, one of my Inon Z240 strobes failed. After replacing the batteries, I switched it on to test fire before my dive and I heard a beep and then the light turned green instead of red. When I fired it, it was very weak and then stopped firing all together. The strobe looks fine, no signs of any leakage. I bought these used (probably on this site) so I don't know the history but they were sold as fairy new and looks like it. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it worth sending the unit back to Inon for repair? I know they have discontinued this model so they may not support it anymore. Thanks
  9. Need strobe arms for my dual Inon z240 + Olympus/Em1 setup. I have dual handle/tray with ball mounts. Arms: 2 x 5" and 2 x 8" approx clamps: 4
  10. Looking for strobes and arms to go with my Olympus EM1 housing. Need 2 z240 strobes w/optical cables and arms/clamps.
  11. Interested in the strobes...still available? Any mounts or cables included?
  12. would be interested @ $300
  13. I dint want to break up the package but I will lower the price to $1900. I'm really throwing in the camera for free at this point.
  14. Hi Simon, I am shipping from NYC area. At this point I really want to sell the whole package.
  15. Yes, the complete setup is still for sale. The strobes were serviced by Ikelite less than a year ago and batteries are new.
  16. I'm downsizing to a mirror-less set up.
  17. The camera is only about 3 years old. I have the box and all original accessories. I purchased the housing second hand about 4 years ago, I don't remember how old it is.
  18. Adding Picture. remember this INCLUDES the 7D camera and lenses + everything you see in the picture:
  19. I'll put pictures up later, but no one purchased at auction. I will sell everything (over $7000 when new) for $2500!
  20. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-Canon-7D-Underwater-Kit-/322265116521?hash=item4b087f6f69:g:RaEAAOSwAuZX3bV3
  21. Selling complete system 7D Body EFS 18-135 lens EFS 60mm Macro 2 Ikelite DS125 w/smart chargers. (seviced this year w/new batteries) Nauticam NA-7D housing with ball mounts Macro lens port Big Blue focus light All arms and mounts Search E-Bay for listing...auction expires Thursday 10pm
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