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  1. After much research and fretting I bought the NEX-5 with both lenses. And I bought the Nauticam housing with the gear and 55mm port. After spending just under $3k, I was angry and disgusted. I prefer natural lighting underwater and the NEX simply does not have a useful underwater white balance ability. I was close to selling it all and going back to a Canon SX210 or some such. However, I tried the Magic Filter and am now a completely satisfied and happy camper. The APS-C (not 4/3) sensor etc., etc. has now met my requirements in an underwater camera. I'm not convinced that you'd be happier with the panasonics. I will say that in natural light, you will _not_ be happy with an out of the box Sony. You'll need a MagicFilter or some such to make the major portion of the white balance corrections and then the Sony will do the rest very nicely. I'm not a beginner, nor will I ever give Doubilet a run for his money. I just enjoy taking pics. Kevin (you can see some of my pics at www.theworldbeneath.com gallery.) None of them were taken with the Sony however. I haven't had it long enough to get any pics ready. Only a couple of dives with the MagicFilter. Kevin
  2. The second shot just made me stop in my tracks - we're all such pipsqueaks compared to what we explore. Fragile comes to mind. Yet so adventuresome and willing to risk for knowledge and even curiosity. That's what went through my mind as I viewed that shot - If a good shot is defined by the emotion it creates, the second shot is exemplary. Well done.
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