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  1. I am working on clearing out some stuff and this setup is on the list. This was the setup for my Canon 5DMK2 camera. Due to my new and growing family, it has been sitting unused for over 2 years (in a climate controlled room), so the batteries may need replacing, and the o-rings may need to be lubricated or replaced. I am ashamed that it has been neglected and unloved this long, so it needs to find a new home. That said, it includes all of the following:

    -Storm M2975 case with foam to hold everything

    -Ikelite 5DMK2 housing (literally used on 2 dives....yes, only 2 dives!)
    -standard flat port (I think its a 3")
    -flat port for canon 100mm macro lens (I think the 5.5")
    -6" dome port for canon 17-40 lens
    -8" dome port (has small "rash" that could be polished out. Not noticeable once underwater, so I never worried about it).

    -Woody's Diopter (I think it is a 110mm to fit over the Ike flat ports)

    -red filter for flat ports

    -Ikelite ds125 strobe (pretty sure it needs a new battery)

    -Ikelite ds160 strobe (brand new, but the battery has not been discharged/charged properly. May need replacing)

    -2 dual strobe TTL cords (one is well used)
    -1 single strobe TTL cord
    -2 smart chargers
    -1 older style charger
    -2 dual arm strobe arms (have 3 knuckles each)
    -extra 8" strobe arm
    -lots of extra knuckle parts for arms
    -strobe green filters for use with red lens filter used for daylight/strobe combo)

    -electric outlet adapters
    -phillips, flathead, oring pick, and allen wrench set
    -lots of extra orings, button parts, etc.


    Asking price for everything is $2,450

    (unfortunate but required note: if you don't like the price and are interested, message me. If you don't like the price and are not interested, please keep it to yourself)


    I am located in Houston, Texas, USA. I highly prefer a local sale, but I will ship, but only within the 48 continuous states. Shipping will be at the expense of the purchaser and insurance will be required for the purchase price. Any dust will be included at no additional charge, haha! But seriously, if you have any questions, please send me a PM or email. Thanks!





  2. Justin


    What exactly are you thinking of doing? I might be interested but I would need to know how reliable your "invention" is. Failure of a "modified" Ike part is not an option...





    i can try to explain it. there would be a short (1-2") port-like piece that would go on the housing. the end of the piece would be opened and would flare out to at least the width of the end of the 16-35. this piece would also have 2-3 more ikelite port clips on it (to replicate the front of a housing). then another piece would be machined to thread onto the dome port (replacing the stock piece that is threaded on there) and attach to the previously mentioned open ended port. so, you would put on the 1st port piece, then attach the lens to the camera, and then snap the dome port on with the larger opening already threaded onto it. only problem is, since you will thread the wider opening onto the dome port, it would only be able to be used for the 16-35 unless you want to keep threading on and off the standard piece back on and off as needed, or made another stepdown ring (then this would have effects on the distance the dome is away from other lenses though. so does that make any sense at all? im going to bed now. maybe ill draw up a sketch of it.

  3. So ive been doing some thinking about how to fit the 16-35mm into an ike port after seeing a few people disappointed about not being able to use the lens. I think it can be done using the 8" dome port. I wanted to see how many would be interested in buying a kit which would allow you to use your Canon 16-35mm lens on your ike housing with the 8" dome?


    Just as a ballpark figure I think it could be done for under $200. So would you be interested? If i get enough people, i may make a run to the machine shop and see about a production item available for purchase.

  4. I was leaning toward Ikelite, but then learned that it couldn't house the 16-35, which was a bummer. So what do you guys think I should go for?


    /Best regards, Bjorn


    Depends on how much youre willing to spend. I personally use ikelite, because they are priced fairly low and they fit my needs. I have friends who have aquatica housings and will never go with anything else.


    I look at it this way, you cant use the 16-35 with the ikelite but you can use the 17-40. The cost of the ikelite housing is $1520 at bh photo right now. The cost for the aquatica housing is $4188. For a price difference of $2668, i would personally use the funds to buy the 17-40 and a good set of strobes. However i have never had the chance to use an aquatica housing since they are out of my price range, but if you can afford it, the quality may be worth the price difference. This is where getting your hands on each of the brands housing could be a big benefit.


    Good luck with your decision, i know it can be a hard one choosing between new goodies!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I have a friend just offer to sell me his Sigma EX 105mm/2.8 macro, I already have the old 105 mm 2.8 but it is getting old and I need a new macro lens.

    Does anyone use the Sigma Ex 105mm underwater? he is selling to me for $100.




    So here is what you do. For $100, buy the lens from him as long as it is in good working order. Then turn around and list it for sale on the canon camera forums or elsewhere. Make a profit of roughly $175 (going rate is around $250-300 used) and use the money to buy a canon 100mm 2.8 lens. I tried the sigma lens and i down right hated it. it was loud and slow to focus. I traded it in on a canon 100 and couldnt have been happier.

  6. Here are the items i have for sale and prices are broken down:


    -Rebel XT with kit lens (18-55mm) and ikelite underwater housing with flat port - $800


    Included with above kit is one battery and all original wires/accessories/cd's/paperwork/packaging for the camera and a Canon wireless remote.


    Add to the kit (not for sale seperately):


    -battery grip with batteries (2) $100

    -Canon 60mm Macro lens $300



    $1100 for everything above


    a pic of me using the underwater housing (strobes not included)








  7. im selling my canon rebel XT with the ikelite housing as i will be upgrading to a canon 5d mk2. its the setup seen in the picture below.


    New the stuff was $1400 for the housing, $650 for the camera and 18-55 lens. i will also include the 60mm f/2.8 macro lens (new cost = $400). No ports are included since ill need them for my new setup. Asking price is $1300. For another $1,200, i will include 2 ds-125 strobes (one just serviced with new bulb and body assembly), dual sync cord and 1 charger (only offered with the setup; i wont sell these separately).




  8. Im going to be doing some upgrading with my underwater photo and video gear, and since i haven't been using my video setup as much (and since its a pain in the butt too lug around my photo and video setups plus all my dive gear on trips), and because i really want to get a 5DmkII :blink: im going to go ahead and put the video gear up for sale. Here's what will be included:


    -Canon HV10 High-definition video camera (1080i video and is very small) INFO

    -Ikelite HV10 housing INFO

    -Niterider HID Pro 40 Dual Lighting setup with 2 batteries (40 watts of HID light!) INFO

    -Raynox 6600 .66x WA lens INFO

    -Raynox 5050 .5x WA lens INFO

    -Pelican case to hold all the gear, Tan in color, Model 1620 INFO

    -Ikelite port for WA lenses INFO

    -2 extra HID bulbs for light system

    -2 GB memory card for taking still pictures

    -2 extra High capacity camcorder batteries

    -Extra wall battery charger


    I think i have some other small stuff i can include and im not looking at the setup right now, but ill add the stuff as i remember (or when i get off my butt to go see what all is there). The niterider lights are very well loved (they do show lots of wear), however they are guaranteed and you dont need a receipt or anything. I sent them in recently and had all of the connections replaced and got a new Y connector for them (at no charge i might add). Niterider also has an upgrade program right now for the lights. They have a new 14 watt bulb, and they are offering the upgrade option for a small price INFO HERE. I will entertain selling the the setup without the lights if someone is truly interested.


    Now for what you want to know. I am asking $2600 for the entire setup. This is a ready to go HD setup. If you want the setup with everything but the lights, price will be $1300. Price for Housing (will include the standard port) and camera only is $1000.


    Prices are for pickup in Houston, Texas, USA. I will ship but the item must be payed for in full and the buyer pays ALL shipping charges. Paypal accepted but buyer pays the fees (and this is the only payment form i will accept from international buyers). US buyers may pay with a money order or personal check (check must clear my bank AND yours before i will ship the items).


    Here is a picture of me using the setup on a shipwreck in Bonaire this summer:




    Setup in Pelican case:





  9. I have a used Inon UWL-100 Type 2 Wide Angle lens for sale. It has 67mm threads. Includes the lens, front and rear plastic covers, an a metal adapter which will clamp to the inon and ulcs arms and allow you to store the lens on it while not in use (not pictured). hard to tell in the pics, but the glass is perfect on both sides (some dust on them in the pics). I will guarantee the condition of this lens. if you dont like it, send it back to me and ill refund your money minus shipping. I am asking $270 shipped anywhere in the 48 continuous, but will ship worldwide (buyer pays phipping).


    *Note: i bought this lens to use with my canon hv-10 HD video camera. I highly DO NOT recommend this lens for this setup or similar ones as the barrel distortion is just horrible. so don't buy it if you have a similar setup!



  10. Be careful. The Raynox 5050 works great with the HV10, but is not the recommended lens for the HV20.


    The Raynox 6600-52 with a 5243 adapter ring is recommend for the HV20.



    what is the reasoning behind this? i assume the 6600 will work fine with the hv10? im thinking of sending my 5050 back as i just bought it a few days ago and can still return it.

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