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  1. I can't remember which model i had but it was 1 or 2 before the hd-1000. it was a 720p model. The epoque housing was great. small, and all of the buttons were right where they should be. felt good holding it. The white balance feature on it worked wonders, but you do have to have good light. I had the Inon WA lens for it, and it worked okay (still had a good bit of blur around the corners). I came across a great deal on a greenforce hid100 light, and used that with it, and got some great close up stuff (like clownfish in anemones, and things of that nature). the video looked great on the HD screen. had a few problems with the setup including editing the mpeg4 format. premiere elements said it would work with that file type, but i had many problems. also, the battery length wasnt great. i bought 2extended length batteries from sterlingtek and they lasted a bit longer, but only enough for a full lengths dive (no good for 2 tank boat dives). the last problem i had was with moisture. i did use some of the small moisture muncher packets, and i either got a bad package, or they would only last for one dive. i tried doing 2 dives on the same pack and ended up with some foggy footage. all in all though, it was a good basic setup, but unfortunately, i learned quickly that i wanted more than a basic setup and had to upgrade.
  2. Kris beat me to it. just go buy the cheapest dv camera you can, and use that as your playback and recording deck.
  3. I'll call anyways, but what about this statement which is on ikes website under the HV10 housing: Canon's WD-H37C Wide 0.7X Converter Lens can be used on the camera with this housing. Using this lens requires the original port be replaced with either the optional Ikelite Dome Port #9306.70 or Flat Port #9306.71. The Dome Port provides a wider angle of coverage, but has limited zoom and macro range. The Flat Port offers full zoom and full macro capabilities granted it is a .7x and not a .55, but if the quality is there, id be interested in that setup. as far as the HV20 goes ike has this to say: Special ports are available for use with the Raynox HD-5050 Pro high definition wide-angle lens. Optional ports sold separately as dome port #9304 or flat lens port #9304.1. Raynox HD-5050 Pro lens not included. Lens not available for purchase through Ikelite. I do have that lens for above water stuff, and the quality is pretty good (for a $90 lens), so im curious if that would work with the HV10?
  4. do you have any ideas what W/A lens does work well? i have the HV10, ike housing and got the Inon lens, and it definitely....well, sucks is about the only work i can think of.
  5. I'm sure this has been discussed before, so forgive me. I am looking for a quality wide angle lens to use with my Canon HV10 and Ikelite housing. I have the Inon UWL-100 lens, and that thing has softness and vignetting around the edges like there is no tomorrow. Is there a wet lens that will give me quality results with my setup, or am i forced to go with the ikelite dome port and a dry WA lens on the camera itself? if the latter is the case can anyone recommend a good dry WA lens? Thanks in advance! ps- anyone want to buy an Inon UWL-100
  6. i just bought the Canon HV10 with an Ikelite housing. That pair cost me $1350 and i now have a set of Niterider HID pro 40's on the way which i got on here used for $1400. Although i haven't taken the camera under water yet, i am pretty impressed with the video, even at night time. may want to consider it. ive also heard the HV20 does even better in lower light than mine.
  7. Sounds like a DIY job with some old in-pool side lights. Not sure what the wattage on those things are though.
  8. another vote for the canon 100. it took a little while to get used to, but now it is my favorite lens and makes for some great photos.
  9. Im looking to buy 1, maybe 2, canon hv10 video setups. if you only have the camera or the housing to sell, i would still be interested. Please let me know via PM or e-mail what you have, its condition, and your asking price. also if you have any pictures, that would help. thanks.
  10. 1. Pygmy Portrait 2. Raja Ampat, Indonesia 3. Canon 350d, canon 100mm 2.8 macro, ikelite housing, dual ds-125 strobes 4. seafan with fire coral just to the left of the scene made it a difficult shot to get 1. Clownfish in Anemone 2. Raja Ampat, Indonesia 3. Canon 350d, canon 18-55 lens, ikelite housing, dual ds-125 strobes 4. clownfish in its anemone. had to wait for around 5 minutes before i was able to get this shot 1. Eye of the Croc 2. Raja Ampat, Indonesia 3. Canon 350d, canon 100mm 2.8 macro, ikelite housing, dual ds-125 strobes 4. Extreme Close-up of the eye of a crocodile fish. the picture was fairly easy to frame, but the lighting had to be adjusted many many times before getting that perfect reflection in the eye.
  11. After a bust last year due to illness, i finally saw some pygmy seahorses this year. These are just a few of my favorite shots. They may look a little dark because i just did a quick edit on my laptop: Bet you cant tell which one is pregnant ;D My favorite this guy was small, even for a pygmy, maybe 1/4" long! and the qauality is bad because this was just a quick grab from video, but the colors are just too cool not too share
  12. ...and not just any light. I was surfing around on the net, and came across some demo lights for sale. They are a discontinued model, but it came with everything. Oh, did i mention it is a greenforce squid hid100 with an fII battery? Just got it in the mail today in time for my trip to raja ampat which im leaving for friday. And now the best part. i picked it up for the low price of $365!!! and yes, that price was for the light, cable, battery, charger, ultralight armset and carrying bag! unfortunately this was the last one they had, but im not complaining. I cant wait to see what it will actually do seeing as it makes my uk light canons look like 1 watt halogens. anyways, just had to share......okay, i really just wanted to brag. EDIT: Here is a quick test i did to show how bright this light is:
  13. youll have to forgive me as i am very very new to video, but how do i go about trying another encoder? if by PP you mean premiere pro, thats a problem because all i have is elements. The videos came as mpeg-4 files off my memory card from my camera, and were dragged and dropped into premiere from the file i saved them in. It plays fine if i do a preview, but it wont let me export it as a different file type. i think i may have to call adobe unless you all have any other ideas?
  14. as sick as i was when i got this shot, i tried my hardest to get "that" shot, but the dang fish could turn around faster than i could get in front of it!
  15. So since my good old friends at comcast decided to screw me over by making me change my email address, im having to have new business cards printed up with my new address. anyways, i decided i was getting tired of the corsair picture, so i switched it to this seldom seen sight. the black trim on the actual cards will be about one-third of what it looks like in the pictures, due to the trimming process after printing the cards. let me know what you think. a quick tidbit on the picture: I still have not been able to get a positive id on the jelly, even after talking to a jelly specialist, but was told it is very rare to see a fish that size having a sybiotic relationship with a jelly. funny thing was, it was taken in raja ampat, and i was so angry because i got sick and couldnt dive for 7 of the 10 days, but snagged this picture while doing a snorkel while everyone else was diving. i had a huge grin on my face when they got back to the boat
  16. i was trying to export a video in Quicktime format, and i got this error message: "adobe premiere elements failed to return a video frame". i am now exporting it as a wma file, and it has passed the point where it kept freezing up, so hopefully it will work. im using windows XP, and i read about some problems it had with premiere pro and vista, but couldnt find any infor regarding my setup with elements 3.0 anyone know if there is a fix to this? thanks. EDIT: well, it screwed up about 65% through on the wma file.
  17. i have the sigma 15mm and have no complaints. it has good focusing distance, good saturation, and i likethe way it feels. never use the canon though.
  18. Im looking for a wet mount WA lens to use on my p&s video camera. housing has 55mm threads, but i can always get adapter rings so let me kow what you have. The wider the better, and a big plus would be something that will work above and below water (i think the old sea and sean ones do but they are bayonet mount). you can pm me or email me at "stitch AT houston DOT rr DOT com"
  19. I was looking at the XL2 because it has the option for me to use my EOS lenses. I understand about the crop factor, which is good, because the main lens i would be throwing on there would be my 70-200 for use on safari to get long distance shots of shy animals. I haven't read anywhere that you can use EOS lenses on the newer XH series, only on the XLH. is this the case? If so, id rather have the interchangable lenses with the XL2, as its not worth it to me to spend another $5K on the XLH for HD at this point. Maybe later down the road though when i have so much cash i dont know what to do with it! I also planned on getting a gates housing, so even though it is currently the only option, that is no concern for me. as far as the slow-motion goes, its not worth an extra $2K for the panasonic for me to have it. i can deal with having decent quality half-speed video for now. thanks a bunch for the information, and based on my above comments, do you still think the XL2 would be a good camera for me, or should i look elsewhere?
  20. so after 1 trip with my little "point and shoot" video setup, i am getting convinced that video is cooler than still photography (partly in thanks to the planet earth and blue planet series making me jealous). Now that i am serious about it, I really want to do this right the first time around (eeerrr, okay, second), because i know how much it cost me by slowly moving up with photography equipment. I have been looking at the Canon XL1 and XL2, mainly because i am a canon shooter now, and really like the fact that i can use my current lenses on the camera, with the adapter, which would be great for above water use. I am trying to debate which camera to go for, but im thinking with wide-screen tv's being so popular now, the 16:9 on the xl2 is worth the extra costs by itself, but correct me if you think otherwise. I also understand this camera is awesome in low light??? I am curious as to how this camera does with slow motion shots (your input needed here)? I would love to get a camera that shoots at 120 fps as i am very fond of the slow motion shots, but that is probably a ways down the road. As for now, any information or suggestions you all have for me, especially if you have owned this camera, would be very benefficial in helping me to make my decision. Thanks a bunch!
  21. i trust it with my images so far, but i also make surei have access to a computer to make disk backups as well. of course it is etter than nothing. you could change out multiple harddrives, but i wouldnt suggest it. i would go ahead and invest in a larger quality drive.
  22. Shipping was only $30 from taiwan, which isnt too bad, but i will definitely check with marine cameras first to see what they can do. i like to support the forum sponsors before anyone else, so if they can come close to that price, then ill go with them. Thanks!
  23. I bought one of the new hyperdrive space backup devices. i like it so much i thought id post my comments for others. First ill discuss cost. For what i got, i think it is a steal. I decided to buy just the case for $149. because it was said to be backordered, the comapny included the external battery pack, and either a neoprene case, or the cigarette plug to usb charger (one is included, and the other was extra) and free shipping. even though it was said to be at least a week backordered, mine shipped in 3 days! For a hard drive, i went with a 5400 RPM 100 GB Samsung 8mb cache drive (model HM100JC), shipped for only $74. Total price was $223 (cost is $279 with the 100GB drive already installed). You can buy one with up to a 160GB drive installed, or install your own, with no size limits! The drive is awesome. it reads 18 different card types, and will do up to an amazing 100GB of transfer on one battery charge, and up to 300GB with the battery pack (which uses 3 AA's). You can of course have it verify the files are copied in a few different ways, which will use extra battery, but i did about 40GB of transfers with the highest verification level, and it still showed a full battery (have seen someone say they did 104GB or transfers and still had battery life left). It charges via of a mini usb cord, which most cameras and some cell phones use anyways. you can charge it directly from your laptop, with your phone or camera charger, or in your car with the cig plug to usb adapter and a usb to mini usb cord. Operation of the device is very easy. 5 buttons and the screen tells you what each does. the screen is also backlit which helps a lot in low light. The size of the device is also nice. it will fit in your shirt pocket, so you are never seperated from your photos. As far as i am aware, it will read any file type (RAW and MOV files are no problem). I have yet to actually take it on a trip, but from using it so far, i think it is an excellent product and have had no problems at all. More info on it can be seen HERE
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