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  1. cant seem to find any reviews on them. thinking of ordering a video housing from them, but want some knowledge of the company first. any help would be appretiated. thanks!' i am looking specifically for the Epoque housing for the sanyo xacti hd1a. they had it for $269 so if any of our sponsors sell them, that would help too.
  2. I understand there wont be much to expand on, but i dont plan on going into video. seeing as ive already dropped $15K on still equipment, i think ill stick with that for a while, i just would like to have something to show some of my family and friends, about how certain creatures swim, and how current are and things like that. if i decide to move to video later, i think this camera will give me a better understanding of what i would like to have on a better rig (but hopefully that wont happen, my bank account hurts to much as it is )
  3. looks like im going to go with the Sanyo Xacti HD1A and the Epoque housing. i figure for what i want i cant beat a nice small HD video system for under a grand. maybe ill add a wide-angle and then maybe some lights way down the road. thanks for yall's input!
  4. well actually its a 1D MKII vs. a 350D, but i get the point . I guess ill have to go check it out. I noticed in the url for the housing, there is no purchase button or price, thats what i was looking for. thanks again!\ EDIT: i found it at http://www.divervision.com/catalog/product...products_id=311 for $269, but found another site saying retail was $250? know where it can be found at that price?
  5. looks like the camera is about 600, but where can i find the housing? i am also looking at the C6 version of the camera, as it is a little les expensive, and i really dont care about HD. thanks!
  6. im looking for a small digital video camera/housing. saw bonicas new one, but wasnt sure if the actual camera was worth its cost since i have NO knowledge on video stuff. does it seem like a good buy, or should i look at something else? im just looking for something i can clip on my bc in case i want to use it to show family/friends something unique that the pictures cant capture as well. looking for something to put in a point and shoot type housing (ike box housings will be to big). wants: -around $600 for the camera and housing -takes memory cards (prefer cf or sd) -small -able to turn on and off, and record on and off while inthe housing -want to use the lcd to view what im recording -ability to take pictures (in case i have my macro lens on and a whale shark swims by!) bonica camera: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...ccessory_detail housing: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...ccessory_detail
  7. i agree with davichin about not using priorities to shoot. for underwater, you are almost always going to want your shutter speed to be between 1/30th and 1/200th (or your flash sync limit). what i do since i ussually prefer a darker background, as i mostly shoot macro, is i set my iso at either 100 or 200 depending on how bright it is (100 for sunny, 200 for cloudy), and then i set my shutter at 1/125th. then i shoot like i am in aperature priority. with the ttl, it will give you the needed amount of flash to properly light the picture (only case is if you are shooting at a large aperature and slow shutter speed, you may get a blown out picture if its bright outside). i just set whatever i want my DOF to be, and shoot away. if i decide i would rather have a darker or lighter background, then i will adjust the shutter speed (bump to 1/30-60 for lighter backgrounds, or 1/200th for darker). if you cant get the background as light as you want, adjust your iso a little higher to 400 or maybe even 800. just be sure to set it back as you dont want to much digital noise in your pics. like i said though, i almost always have my camera on 1/125th and adjust the aperature as i wish. you may want to experiment with this and see if it works for you. once you get the hang of things, you will realize that TTL is a great thing. hope this helps a bit.
  8. I was wondering if there is any hint of information on when they are going to re-schedule DEEP Indonesia 2007 (for those who dont know, it was postponed due to massive floodingin Jakarta). I am interested in trying to attend depending on when it is re-scheduled. Horrible things going on over there though, so lets hope everything works out in the end.
  9. I've been checking about every 10 minutes for the past few hours no updates there: http://www.divephotoguide.com/news.php?PHP...dc122846f3#2499 or on: http://www.underwatercompetition.com
  10. I dont know! ive been waiting all day. the contest site said they would be posted saturday night, wetpixel says by tonight, but its already 10:15PM. I knew i should have gone to Chicago. AARGGGGHHHHH! It's driving me nuts <--- (also what the pirate who had a steering wheel lodged in his pants said)
  11. WOW! i hope to be able to dive with some dolphins like this. they are just to cool. any more pictures?
  12. Down in Bonaire until the 29th, but here are a few previews: MY FAVORITE:
  13. since it is a glass port, i cant think of any way to fix it. While it is true that it will not be notited once underwater, it is still annoying. if it was acrylic, you could get a polishing kit, but then you risk having a distortion in the pics from "sanding" down that section. Best way to not get scratches, is to not put your camera in the rinse bucket. 90% of accidents like this must come from the rinse bucket. you may want to consider getting a soft icechest, and keep it as your personal rinse bucket on the boat. just ask the dm's to put it in your bag, not in the rinse bucket. or have a buddy on the boat hold it until you get on and dof your gear. i know some will bash me for this, but you dont neccesarily have to rinse the camera after every dive. as long as it stays moist, you should be able to rinse it after getting off the boat, since none of the salt will have dried on it.
  14. Well i just took out a sub-policy on my homeowners insurance. My gear is now covered anywhere in the world, for anything that can happen to it. if i drop it, if i throw it in the ocean, stolen, confiscated, etc. I insured just over $12K in gear, and it was less than $200! Of course, they dont give retail prices for the stuff, they will either find you a replacement item, or give you the cash that it would cost to purchase one (my choice). and fyi, i have USAA insurance.
  15. Not for underwater use, but a great lens! I have a US model Canon EF 80-200 f/2.8L "DRAINPIPE" lens for sale. It is in mint condition. It comes with the hard case, both lens caps, hood, and tripod ring. Also included is an OMEGA 72mm UV Guard. Originally bought this from Bruce Hamilton on fredmiranda.com, but decided i want the 70-200 2.8 so i can use my 2x extender with it. I am asking $810 shipped to your door in the US (plus paypal fees). I also have a Canon EF 70-200 f/4L lens for sale, and i am interested in trading either of these plus cash, for an EF 70-200L f/2.8 non-IS.
  16. I know, its not for underwater use, but figured id see if anyone was interested. I have a US model Canon EF 70-200 f/4L USM lens for sale. It is in mint condition. Comes with everything you would get with it if you bought it new: lens, 2 end caps, bag, hood, manual, blank warranty card, box, except the UPC end of the box has been removed. I am asking $520 plus shipping. I also have a Canon EF 80-200 f/2.8L lens for sale, and i am interested in trading either of these plus cash, for an EF 70-200L f/2.8 non-IS.
  17. didnt think they would cover it, but i guess it cant hurt. thanks.
  18. **PLEASE E-MAIL ME** im looking for a new dual sync cord. ike to ike. has to be the newer digital ttl compatible cord. MUST work properly. the wires on mine only get a connection about half of the time, so i need one that works 100%. thanks.
  19. f....fi......film? Whats that?
  20. I have the canon 60 and the canon 100, but have also had the sigma 105. I would highly suggest the 100 over the 105 if you want to go for macro and super macro shots. The autofocus of the canon lens is 10 times faster, and you can also manually focus, even when it is on auto-focus. Ikelite also has the special port for the canon 100, that has a manual focus knob on it, and the lens just slides in without using any focus rings. If you want to do some fish portraits, and some macro, i would suggest going with the canon 60. It works well for both types of shots. either way, i would stick with the canon lenses as they are very sharp. Only sigma i would recommend over a canon would be the 15mm fisheye.
  21. I was in the same boat you are except i only have the 350D . I ended up having to get the upgrade. The raw upgrade for cs2 wouldnt work with cs no matter how hard i tried. This is why we need a universal .raw format!
  22. awesome to hear there is no vignetting with a full-frame! nice write up. mine will be here soon!
  23. agreed. I would say start with the Canon EF-S 60mm lens. It gives you the ability to shoot fish portraits and some macro stuff. If you really like the itty bitty macro stuff, you can then get the Canon 100mm macro. if you are using an ike housing, they make a nice manual focus port for the canon 100 as well, which doesnt require any gears to be placed on the lens.
  24. i'll take a shot at this one for you. im shooting the 350D in an ike housing with 2 ds-125's. I would highly suggest the DS-125, especially since you are getting the ike housing. It will give you a lot of power, and you will be able to take full advantage of the e-ttl, so you can get a perfect exposure almost every time. DO NOT SHOOT ON FULL AUTO! I would suggest shooting on either manual mode, or shooting aperture priority. If you do aperture priority though, i would suggest setting the camera to shoot at 1/200th only when you have the flash on (otherwise you can get some blurring). personally though, i would say do full manual, and set your shutter speed between 1/80th and 1/200th depending on how much background light you want. then you can use the wonderful ike knobs to keep the aperture selection button depressed. Then all you have to do is change your f-stop if you want to go for a different depth of field. good luck.
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