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  1. To answer your pricing question, i highly doubt the prices will drop more than the amount of the rebates. If you want to get one of theses cameras, i suggest buying it now. it is a great deal with the rebates. as far as the fit thing goes, if it really bothers you about how small it is, get the battery grip. it will make the camera bigger, give you the capability of having 2 batteries, and the option to use AA's if needed, and gives you the vertical shutter button and controls. For the price (around $145), it is an excellent piece of equipment to have. you may want to check out the forums at www.photography-on-the.net for some more info.
  2. Im kinda flustered. I finally got my ike housing in today and got to try it out with my ds-125. problem is, when im using the strobe, the camera sees the flash and only allows me to shoot at a max of 1/200th. With my 5050, i could use whatever shutter speed i wanted and it would almost anger me if i can only shoot a max of 1/200th using a strobe with a system costing over $2500!! Is there some way to make the camera think there is no strobe so i can shoot at say, 1/800th? Short version: Can i shoot faster than 1/200th using my strobe? if so, how?
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I am selling my olympus 5050 setup. You will get the Olympus 5050 camera, transfer cable, VGA (television) cable, lens cap, camera strap, olympus battery charger, 4 Energizer 2500mah rechargeable NiMH batteries (olympus batteries are only 1700mah), a SanDisk Ultra II 1 GB memory card, Olympus 32 MB memory card, user guide-book, Ikelite TTL housing (yes it is TTL, little circuitboard and all!) with dual handled tray, moisture muncher pouch, and a leek detector. you will also get an extra o-ring for the housing and extra pair of bolts to hold the housing to the tray. I am asking $650 for the setup. I also have an ike DS-50 strobe with slave sensor that i may sell with the package (you would need an ike ttl cord to use the housings ttl capabilities). The asking price would then be $950. thanks for looking. please e-mail me concerning this item at stitch*houston.rr.com (replace * with @)** SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  4. I am looking around for an Ikelite housing for the canon digital rebel XT with eTTL circuitry, model number #6871.35 . if you have one you are wanting to sell, please email me (dont check the forums often) with pics, your price and any other important info. thanks. email is stitch*houston.rr.com (replace * with @)
  5. So i finally got my dSLR. I was thinking of getting the canon 100 macro lens, but have also seen a lot of people using the sigma 105. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appretiated. Thanks.
  6. this one wont work for you. you need the #4103.51.
  7. Has anyone else ever seen one of these little guys? our boat DM had never seen one and i couldnt find any pics online. unfortunately we were in about a 3 knot current when i was trying to take the pics so this is all i have that is useable.
  8. i would highly recommend the Ikelite housing over the Olympus. you get a lot more bang for the buck, and the TTL cant be beat. not to mention the customer service is great if the need ever comes up. save yourself the hassle and go ahead and get the Ike housing now instead of buying it later on down the road when you get sick of the Oly housing!
  9. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD New Price is $275 Oo Best Offer I have a used ikelite housing for the olympus 5050 with a single arm tray. im selling because i upgraded to the ttl housing. NOTE- this is not the ttl housing. I used external strobes so i taped off the inside of the housing to prevent backscatter. you can remove this if you wish. other than that and your typical wear over a 1 year period, the housing is in great condition. i am asking $300 plus shipping. i will accept checks and money orders, but i highly prefer paypal because everyone is safer that way. if you have any questions, feel free to email me at stitch@houston.rr.com $300 + shipping OBO
  10. topic link sorry but that was bugging me. i couldnt click it!
  11. I finally got it working by buying a new ds-125 and a dul sync cord :mrgreen:
  12. Yes! Someone please post any information you have about this charter. We are very interested, but as Christa said, there aren't reviews we could find.
  13. I was in your shoes about a week ago. i had the same setup. i was going to buy the dual cord, but unfortunately they do not have a cap for it. you must have both sides plugged into a strobe. that made me decide to go ahead and get a ds-125 to go with it!
  14. Here is a small page i put together with a few useful photoshop actions on it. they are free to download. if you have one you think i should add, e-mail me the action and a short description. enjoy. click here for Photoshop Actions edit: i added a page on ther that tells you how to load your action in photoshop just in case you need a little help!
  15. now that im actually awake, and i can comprehend what i posted, i beleive you and james are correct. it does appear they only want to accept RAW files.
  16. No, you can use jped and tiff images, but if you shoot them in raw, you must include the un-edited raw file.
  17. With all the arguing about if this should be allowed, and if this shouldnt, i snagged this post fron dd.net about "The internationally renowned BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 competition conditions include a new section on Digital pictures" rules can be found here: http://internt.nhm.ac.uk/jdsml/wildwin/200...2005_rules.html here is the important rule for all you lazy digital photographers (myself included): 4. Digital images. Supply on media that is PC compatible. Send TIFF or JPEG (quality 12). Minimum size: 5000 pixels along the largest dimension. Interpolate your images using software provided by PhotoShop CS edition or Genuine Fractals (supplied by Lizardtech.com). Images should be colour profiled using correctly calibrated WYSIWYG systems and Adobe RGB 98 colour space. RAW files as captured by camera (*.NEF, *.CRZ) need to be supplied along with TIFF or JPEG file. Provide hardware details (name of scanner and camera). Provide contact sheet or prints for quick reference. Digital manipulation is only acceptable if limited to cleaning work, levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work, applied to the image as a whole. Masking sections of the work, compositing, multiple exposures, layers and the use of multiple channels is not allowed. Framing is allowed. The file should carry your name, the category number or title and the key subject, for example JohnBrown.Cat2eagle.jpg or JBrownGeraldDurrell.eagle.jpg Full contact and picture details should also be inserted into the pull-down-file information box.
  18. tried switching the sensor to the pre-plash setting and went throught all the same settings again. still no sync. the strobe is firing, just not at the correct time? i guess i just need to buy a sync cord and a ds-125 for that matter.
  19. I noticed in some of my night photos i had no light. i have the c5050 in an ike housing with the opaque piece in front of the flash, and i also have the ike ds-50 with the slave sensor. i did a test tonight, and it seems my strobe is not in sync with my camera's flash. here is a brief setup description. i have the redeye turned off (only one flash), and have the sensor set for no pre-flash. i tried setting the strobe on manual and on ttl in all of the following settings: p mode, shutter speed, and aperature mode. i tried setting the shutter speed from 1/1000 to 1/50 with no visible flash. the on-camera flash fired each time, and i also tried settin the flash mode on slave, and in+slave. no go on any of these settings. i am all out of ideas. any help would be appretiated. thanks.
  20. Well, they aren't under the water, but here is a penguin picture i took after a cleaning dive at the aquarium. and yes, it was cold. I live in texas and was diving in 54 degree water, burrrrr. All of the pics can be seen by clicking here.
  21. ill second this. you may try using gallery. its a program which will help to organize your photos. it will also have a spot for you to add information on the photos and it also has the picture data, which is automatically uploaded. you can check it out on my site http://www.justinunderwater.com. you have some great photos, but it would be nice to be able to navigate through the site without using the back button.
  22. some wacky looking stalker kept taking pictures of me and my buddy. go figure? thanks for the suggestion on the "Favorite Pictures" Gallery. ill work on that right now. you may have missed the navigation bar. it is right above where it says "3 of 5" or whatever picture you are on. you can click on any of the parent albums to go back to the main pages. like i said though, im working on the favorites pic album right now.
  23. Hi gang, i know a few of the members on here, and have for a while, just never got around to joining myself. i figure i will post my website for you all to look at. i would like feedback on the way the site is setup and colored (black background okay?) and feel free to comment on any of the pictures as well. contructive criticism is ALWAYS appretiated. so please let me show off.....i mean please critique some of my work for me. thanks. justin http://www.justinunderwater.com EDIT: Okay, I've added a "Favorite Pictures" album!
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