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  1. back to the topic: I HAVE 2 OF THESE FOR SALE!!! http://wetpixel.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-7383.phtml
  2. i guess that makes up my mind. i think ill call them tomorrow to see how long the backorder on them is. thanks for your replies.
  3. title says it. i have an Oceanbrite tray with 2 locline arms w/ light cannon attatchment pieces. i did modify the attatchment plate a little. you can see in the picture where i shaved off a little of the tray. the main tray is a little large, but it can be cut down to fit your camera. i paid $180 for it, so i figure $90 would be fair, but feel free to make an offer. thanks. FYI: tray measures about 11.5 by 6.5 and 12" arms. picture from oceanbrite website:
  4. have any of you bought from adorama.com before. they seem to have some great prices, infact the cheapest i could find for a ds-125 deluxe setup ($774.95). any problems with them? thanks.
  5. so i finally got the watermark feature to work in gallery. now it makes me feel retarded when i realized how easy it was. the problem i have now is how to make a nice transparent picture (the watermark) to place over the pictures. i tried using a nice solid text and it worked as it was supposed to. then i made a gif image using ps cs and made the text transparent and added embossing to it. when i tried to use this pic as the watermark it wouldnt work. anyone know of any other ways to make a transparent watermark?
  6. c'mon christa!! what about me , and james, you didnt mention me either!! BTW, met Eric at seaspace, and know james, christa and maria.
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