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  1. hi all i have the e900 housing with an inon wet lens adaptor for sale live in ireland pm me or email buleetu@yahoo.co.uk
  2. hi all im thinking of getting a 2nd hand inon z220 i have a nikon d70 with an ikelite housing i have a kit lens which i dont use under water and a 60mm for macro,,which arms do i need to buy so it fits the ike and the inon also which sync cord do i need?? someone said the inon is optcally fired and the d70 flash doesnt open inside the housing so does this rule out this kind of strobe thank you to everyone
  3. hi all im thinking of getting an inon z220 which arm and sync cord would i need,,as i said i have a 60mm lens so ill be doing macro so what kind of arm do i need
  4. okay great,,,would u post to ireland or do u still wanna get someone to pick it up personally also i have an ike and nikon d70 will i need a different sync cord
  5. thanks lads,,, so why should the serial be higher than 70000,,is that just its age perhaps also ikelite made 2 housings for the d70 one with ttl and one without,,i have the one with out what can i do??
  6. hi there would u sell the strobe and arms etc.. on there own
  7. hi there i sent u a message on ebay but didnt know u were here too can u sell the strobe and the arm and that i have a nikon camera and ike housing, i think u have a canon so ill have to buy the ike wire
  8. yes chris ur right,,the camera flash doesnt open inside the housing,,it half opens but not enough to let the flash fire
  9. thanks chris i look into the strobes u mention and also the different ways to mount them,,, im not sure weather to buy a wide angle lens or a strobe first though,,,i already have a 60 mm lens for macro and i get some great shots with that and i think a strobe would help a lot,,,ill see which one i have the money for first,,the lenses i was looking at a quiet expensive so perhaps a 2nd hand one will do thanks again ill get back to u if i get astrobe for some advice im sure do i have to go with ikelight strobes because i have the ike housing or can i get any type of strobe
  10. hi all just wondering what strobe i need for a d70 with an ike housing,,there is a connection that goes to the hotshoe on the inside of the housing with a socket on the outside what do i need eg arms and cables to fire the flash thanks
  11. hi all i have a nikon d70 and ike housing do any of u have one,or are u familiar with the housing,im having a bit of a problem i think im greasing up my housings knobs and buttons getting ready to go away to the red sea yeah know the turny thing right below the shutter release button,,it has 3 cogs attached inside the housing for adjusting shutter speeds or something,,the main cog inside the actually turns the slide on the camera has a bronze screw on it,,i took it off to take the whole assembly apart to clean and grease and now ive noticed the the small steel plate that the bronze screw goes into is actually turning,,its shaped like a 50 pence peice (pentagon like?) i popped it out and has a double o ring, but now that ive put the whole asembly back together the 50 pence peice shape still turns,,, is this gonna leak or is the double o ring there to stop this happening thanks everyone
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