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  1. Justin, I'd love to buy your part for $200 or $300 if it works well. I have an ikelite housing, 8" dome, ports, etc for my 400D and now just bought a 5d Mark II. I bought the 16 35 II to use with my Mark II in order to replace/upgrade from the 10 22 that I had for the 400D. I can either buy Aquatica or another more expensive housing maker and all the ports and domes over again, or hope that you make your part and then I can use my current dome, extensions etc and just need to buy the (already available) Ikelite housing for the 5d Mark II. The 16 35 II comes soooo close to fitting in the port system, as I'm sure you can see, it is just that little flare at the end that doesn't fit (and it almost does). I agree, it seems like this would be a relatively easy fix. I spoke with Ikelite and I'm suprised they haven't done it yet given how many of us would stick with Ikelite if they did.
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