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  1. Never heard of them.

    Would probably stick to the sponsors of this site

    or those that pay to advertise here.

    You'll find that most reputable dealers sell things for about the same

    price as the next reputable dealer.


    If it sounds too good to be true....

  2. Are you talking AF/MF specifically for video or stills shooting?

    Which camera are you using?

    Most pro level DSLR's can only MF for video.

    As for stills both methods work, just depends on your needs, preference etc.

  3. For sale - Sea and Sea TTL YS Converter C for Canon - Model # 50118 $350. Price Firm. ($650. New)

    Barely Used - Like New. Don't use it. Would like to pass it on to someone who can use it.

    Prefer local pick up (Orange County - CA) but will ship within CONUS for cost of shipping. No Intl. shipping - sorry.

    If you pay by PayPal or Square you'll have to pay the 3%.

    Thanks for viewing the add.



  4. Is the canon 16-35 dramatically better than the 17-40?

    Both are great lenses. I've shot the 17-40 and own the 16-35 II.

    I wouldn't say dramatically better but slightly better. The advantage

    in my opinion (there are probably a few actually) is that you have more

    light to focus with with a native 2.8 lens than you do with an 4.0 which

    results in faster AF all other things being equal. I found the Zen 230 to

    be a great match for either lens with the correct port extension ring.

  5. I'd personally consider one of the specific housings that Canon

    makes for their P&S (ie: S110) Some of the cameras shoot RAW

    and are great for topside imaging too. The cameras are around

    $400 and the housings are a bit less than that and I think the

    image quality is a bit better than a "Tough" water cam. The

    depth rating for the Canon housings are also good for scuba

    diving. (strobe should be added for use at depth)

    The GoPro's are good but I find them a bit clunky for in hand stills work.

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