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  1. In no way cutting the perp slack.... but the divemasters that took us out did the very same thing

    on our Mandarin dive and I cringed every time I heard the coral break. If you look down there's

    piles of evidence of years of the same behavior and it's not just the tourists.

  2. $900ea.





    $800. ea



    I wasn't low blowing. I just didnt see the 'ea' part. my bad. but it wasnt an offer.


    No worries. We were just having fun with you.

    I included just the prices from the original and

    updated adds-took out the rest of the wording.

    Thanks for clarifying and the bump to the top.

  3. If the system utilizes larger strobes such as the YS 250 or Ike DS160/161 strobes, then I like to go with an Airport Takeoff or International V2...and then use the Urban Disguise 60 as a secondary bag. In the UD 60 I can put the large dome upright, as well as both strobes...then have room for housing, all accessories, camera bodies, lenses, etc in the roller...and fit my mask and dive computer.


    Good idea.

  4. Cary:


    :D I don't think that your packing is obsessive enough...


    ... it looks to me as if some womanly advice woould let you get twice as much into your bag! ^_^






    That is the what's left of what was packed shot. The rest of it is spread about. I still have a few days

    to be completely packed :island:


    But I imagine you're probably pretty accurate :)


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