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  1. :island: I should've taken a pic of it.... wish I'd have thought to do that.

    Busted out the P&S....

    It's a mess now because my next trip is a road trip to FL, so I pack

    differently. (can take more stuff)

    I started by pulling most of the dividers out of the case

    The 8in dome was toward the bottom of the case on it's side near the

    cutout groove where the telescoping handle assembly is fitted to the case.

    I have a neoprene port cover and the side of the case is padded

    so as long as I was the one handling the bag or it was on it's back

    there was no stress on the dome. I angled it so that the shade was

    at a 1oclock/7oclock position so less strain on the cases zipper.

    I am moving to some more compact strobes too so hopefully next

    overseas trip I'll not be quite so crammed. I made sure to watch

    whomever was searching my luggage and offer when I saw them

    struggling to get everything back in place. Saved us all a headache.


  2. I've got the same cases. My original intention was to check my uw gear in the 2720.

    On my recent trip to Palau/Yap I was so concerned about my photo gear getting

    there that I never used the Storm and

    used the TT AI and their Airport Check In and carried on.....


    TT AI-

    Subal 5D mk2 Housing w/ 180 Finder w/ 5D MK2 in Housing

    Housing Handles (removed)

    Allen wrench tool (yes they had to get confirmation it wasn't a weapon)

    2-YS-250 w/ Batteries - Checked my charger assuming if that went

    missing someone else would probably have one I could borrow

    2-S&S Sync Cords

    ULCS Arms, clamps etc

    100mm Macro Port

    8" Dome

    75mm Ext Ring For Ports

    Focusing Light

    2-5D MK2 Bodies w/ Vert Grips & Batteries

    All my CF Cards

    O-Rings, Gears etc

    S&S TTL Adapter


    TT ACI-

    15" MacBook Pro

    Charger, Card reader, iPod sync cable, Earbuds

    2- 500GB portable drives w/ cords

    Regulator and removable Octo

    Dive Computer


    Travel Documents

    Toothbrush and toothpaste


    5- Lenses and a couple hoods

    and I know I'm missing something....


    The rest of my gear was checked but was minimal

    clothes and mostly dive gear.


    I know I got lucky but it's doable.

    I totally stuffed my bags and they were hard to zip

    but they worked great.



  3. Hello,

    I am very much new to underwater photography. Starting with snorkeling. I shot last time with my Canon G5 and it had an underwater setting. I now have a new housing for my Nikon D80 and we are heading by to the Virgin Islands. Any advice on where to begin on setting, manual, automatic, aperture??

    I also have been looking for a good case or rolling backpack for the upcoming trip. I have looked at Pelican, Seahorse and Lowepro. What advice good and bad to some of you have? I would love something that could be carry on after reading some of the stories about going through some airports.


    How much other "stuff" are you taking that would need to be in the same case?

    I personally recommend carry on and I have had good luck and am quite happy with

    the Think Tank Photo - Airport International. Enjoy your trip and new toys!

    I would post the link but don't remember if that's allowed or verboten here.



  4. I bought more than I needed and then changed direction a bit.

    For sale - 2 brand new (tho not in box) Olive Color w/ foam hard cases.


    $200. ea - You p/u or if relatively close I can deliver.

    Will not ship. Will sell cases separately.



    iM2750 Storm Trak Case with Foam (Olive Drab)

    • HPX High Performance Resin Case
    • Multilayer Cubed Bottom Foam
    • Dent-resistant and Shatter-resistant
    • Tough, Rugged and Lightweight
    • Airtight and Watertight
    • Press & Pull Latches and Hasps
    • Permanently Attached Vortex Valve
    • Soft-grip, Solid-core Carrying Handle
    • Retractable, Telescoping Handle
    • Built-in Wheels
    • Mfr # IM2750-30001


  5. 2 - Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro UW Flash Heads.

    Less than 6 months old. Minimal use.

    Basic general use scratches. Excellent Condition.


    Great Strobes but too heavy for my travel needs.


    Incl. Chargers, Batteries, Sync Cords, Manuals, addl. O ring set, ULCS S&S adapters if needed.

    Would prefer to not split (ie: sell together) Cost new ea is over 1200 before tax & shipping.


    $900ea. incl shipping in conus

  6. Try Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara 805-963-7269 ext. 2


    They have one in the rental department that I don't think has been out

    more than a half dozen times. I know because I put it there.


    Talk to John Brainerd (the store sales manager) and ask him if he'd

    sell it to you. Have a price in mind beforehand that you'd be willing

    to pay. Don't mention your price until he gives you his price though.



  7. I normally have my Custom Menu and Shooting Menu banks set and named something like UW JPG or UW NEF.

    And then I just select them before the dive, and set my camera to NEF or JPG as necessary, at ISO 200, WB to Cloudy, this is easy because it is the 3 buttons on top the right hand dial on my D300, then MODE to M.

    And a quick look at the top LCD is enough to see if anything else is left, like ISO AUTO, Exp Compensation or Flash Exp Comp., Flash Sync Mode...


    If you want a checklist, this is basically what I do for the camera:

    - Select Banks;

    - Top controls (ISO, WB, QUAL + MODE);

    - Check Dials (as I put the camera in the housing I check all the dials positions);

    - LCD check.


  8. Canon or Nikon would be your safest bet. (available everywhere, not to mention the

    possibility of renting additional lenses/accessories)

    To actually see detail in the deer you'll have to be at least at the 400mm range.

    I'd recommend longer. Maybe a spotting scope with a mount for your camera brand

    of choice.

    Obviously the scope or long lens wouldn't accompany you underwater.... :D

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