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  1. They can change the mount to Nauticam but you'd be better off purchasing new at that point because I think that runs quite a bit more than the adapter. General questions are helpful to everyone here but negotiating price is better done in PM's.... Price is firm.
  2. It's a Subal Mount. Hasn't been in the water since originally advertised. ie: Same condition. http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4486 Cary
  3. Sorry about the late reply. Haven't been on the site lately and haven't been receiving notifications. Still have the dome. Still available.
  4. I use the Kindle reader on an iPad and it seems to be a pretty good experience.
  5. Thank you for the run down. Do they make Subal to Nauti type 4 port adapters?
  6. Pattaya's water is pretty dirty. Most of the good diving is at the South of the country and far enough away that it is better accessed by airline. Generally an hour or so flight.
  7. Is that plexi on the bottom? Nice work BTW!
  8. Agreed! Have had the problem in S&S and Subal domes with Canon and older Nikon lenses.
  9. I've been extremely happy with the Olympus branded rechargeable batteries. Dual voltage charger allows use overseas too.
  10. What about a suf housing. Good to about 30 feet. Less cumbersome than a dive housing. Can attach either a speedlite or a Pocketwizard. Can view the LCD or through the eyepiece. About $3500 incl port. SPL, Essex, Del Mar, CMT, Aquatech, Liquid Eye. Prolly missing a few.
  11. I do like the contrast and how the light rays show up in the B&W but I prefer the ethereal quality of the color image.
  12. I'm a Kawasaki guy but that is a beautiful bike. GLWTS
  13. Love the Lionfish! Glad you have the new tools you need to express your vision.
  14. As you should. What a lovely creature. Very nice images.
  15. Same way I understand it. Normal Getty contract. OP - What you didn't mention was what cut they get compared to you. If I remember your piece of the pie is small compared to theirs. 70/30 in their favor if I remember.....
  16. Maybe an updated version....? One can hope
  17. I own the 16-35II. Great lens but I wouldn't hesitate to use the 17-40 as it is also a very nice lens. I'd say that because of the smaller filter thread size 77mm vs 82mm you might be better off with the 17-40. I use the 16-35 UW and had some misinformation and a bit of frustration before I was able to sort the right port/extension combo for the best images. Since you use the 7D I'd consider the Tokina 10-17mm. Awesome lens for cropped sensor cameras and the port solution is easier too.
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