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  1. I saw the reef photo attachment. So my question is can I switch

    Out the Subal mount to a Nauticam mount? Do you take PayPal. Finally, what's the best price you can do?

    They can change the mount to Nauticam but you'd be better off purchasing new at that

    point because I think that runs quite a bit more than the adapter. General questions are

    helpful to everyone here but negotiating price is better done in PM's.... Price is firm.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll start with Martin's book then.


    I thought about an ebook edition but so far I only saw the Kindle edition. While I use a Kindle reader, I don't assume the pictures and all would translate well to the Kindle monochrome display.

    @Erin: what ebook edition are you using and on which platform?



    I use the Kindle reader on an iPad and it seems to be a pretty good experience.

  3. Putting a small felt or mat black cardboard "donut" on the front, covering the lettering will help greatly. Canon lens have their Marking on the front of the lenses in many case and that makes them more prone to reflection than straight black surface (not to say that some Nikon or others are not exempt of this).


    Also for the record this happen in backlit and shallow condition mostly


    Agreed! Have had the problem in S&S and Subal domes with Canon and older Nikon lenses.

  4. What about a suf housing. Good to about 30 feet. Less cumbersome

    than a dive housing. Can attach either a speedlite or a Pocketwizard.

    Can view the LCD or through the eyepiece. About $3500 incl port.


    SPL, Essex, Del Mar, CMT, Aquatech, Liquid Eye. Prolly missing a few.

  5. Looks like the normal Getty stuff to me. It means that the image and similars can't really be licensed elsewhere by you, or another agent. So if they want a lionfish and glassfish picture, that could exclude half your collection from being sold... I haven't seen an agent with different terms; they usually want image-exclusive so they don't have to compete with another agent for the sale of the same picture.

    Off topic, but far more concerning to me, is that you (both) have given Facebook rights to sublicense every picture you post on an RF basis. If Getty and FB get together, they could be selling your pictures, low res, to clients all over the world without paying anything. This is in the terms of contract! I can't understand why more people aren't upset about it. Eric Cheng has a pal at FB who I have contacted, but nothing reassuring has come back at all.


    Same way I understand it. Normal Getty contract.


    OP - What you didn't mention was what cut they get compared to you.

    If I remember your piece of the pie is small compared to theirs.

    70/30 in their favor if I remember.....

  6. I own the 16-35II. Great lens but I wouldn't hesitate to use the 17-40 as it is also a very nice lens.

    I'd say that because of the smaller filter thread size 77mm vs 82mm you might be better off with the 17-40.

    I use the 16-35 UW and had some misinformation and a bit of frustration before I was able

    to sort the right port/extension combo for the best images.


    Since you use the 7D I'd consider the Tokina 10-17mm. Awesome lens for cropped sensor cameras and the port

    solution is easier too.

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