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  1. You're welcome. I saw a neoprene cover once that had an extra thick section that actually touched the glass but gave the cover very good padding and bump protection. Unfortunately I don't remember who made it. Maybe a Rubbermaid round storage bowl can be modified to fit....? I have the same dome BTW so I understand the concern.
  2. What about something like this? http://www.stockcap.com/prod_detail.asp?id=126&cat=14
  3. What size Zen port? What type housing port mount 3/4? http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;hl=zen+230mm I'm in Bangkok.
  4. Hi Stoo, I've owned the 180 finder and appreciate the magnified image it provides. I haven't owned a 45 but will eventually and from my research it takes some adjustment to how you point the camera (tend to point high) so not as easy for action shooting. Both make for a bit of a PITA when packing as you have to accommodate the protruding finder which makes for awkward housing placement in the bag sometimes.
  5. Hi Tom, The first step is admitting you have a problem I see this is an old post.... Viewfinders - The 45 is great for splits if you can stand (shallow water) or lean out of a boat (also good for keeping you off the reef if shooting macro). The 180 is great for general shooting as it gives you a magnified image.
  6. Wow! Glad they ran aground on a busy beach with people willing to help.
  7. Very Nice! and Matt S - True!
  8. Not sure which post you were responding to Drew but this is Subals description. "Subal's FE3/4 Dome Port is one of the best optics in the business. This 8" cross section is ideal for fisheye lenses, ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) zooms, and wide angle primes used with both full frame & cropped sensor cameras." I found out about needing the bigger dome after being told by a well known retailer that Subal recommended the FE DP but that was before they built their big port/Had already switched to Zen by then.
  9. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46015 Saw this just now....
  10. Sorry not S&S but since you have the Subal experience you can relate. For the 16-35II w/ 5DII I used the Subal FE port with aprox 70mm ext and a +2 could not get edge sharpness and at times questioned the center sharpness. Took moving up to the 230mm Dome and no diopter to get what I needed for that combo.
  11. Everyones made some great remarks and very valid points on all accounts. I guess I might add that I've been on trips with my DSLR system (Aluminum) and I've been easily shown up on occasion by friends with compact systems (even a compact in an Ike housing) because they've been less obtrusive than I have been with my larger system, strobes, arms etc. I think a higher end P&S system is a great way to get your feet wet at an affordable price and see if it's something worth pursuing. You can use strobes with them too. Then get into a housing for your 7D if you catch the bug. A full DSLR system is a complete PITA to travel with and adds additional weight, bulk, things to think about while diving etc. They do allow much greater creative freedom with the variety of lenses and lack of shutter lag. I think most of us do it because we love it not because we're getting rich from it (quite the opposite if I chose to not live in denial).
  12. I read that as cod piece at first... Excellent thread Alex
  13. Awesome! Nice Images and great info. Is the movement in the sand/floor of the site glacial or earthquake caused? Interested in how you've mounted your carrying handle/lanyard. Any closer pics of that set up?
  14. I did a bit of searching online a few days ago but waited until today to reply to your post since nobody else had. I found very little info unfortunately. AB Sea Photo in LA used to be a good source for esoteric MF housings/info. http://www.absea.net/ Alan Broder is a wealth of info. My personal info on this shop is far from current. Of course Ernie Brooks http://erniebrooksea.com/ used just a few settings and one type of film shooting his beautiful B&W Hassy UW images. I tend to think going this route is akin to cloning dinosaurs at this point but it took me a bit to switch to digital and once I did I have not looked back. Good luck!
  15. I have a DUI suit that I've used for years and never really did like the one piece undergarments so I have been relatively happy with a variety (depending on conditions) of Patagonia polypro undergarments and some of their new light but surprisingly warm synthetic fill jackets. I wait till they're on sale BTW... Probably why I haven't tried the 4th Element stuff yet - Though it does look like a really nice system.!
  16. Care to enlighten with the last price you saw?
  17. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry301387
  18. I always screw things backwards until I feel them catch then I screw in normal direction.
  19. I have my insurance through Thomas Pickard in America which includes my UW gear (even flooding) my computers, rentals, theft etc. It's a bit under 1k US a year. Tax deductible as a business expense too. I've stayed in hostels, hotels (now my own apt) used a variety of transport and have found that you can't foresee all things but use common sense.
  20. Most of the semi dry's that I've seen require more lead as they generally have a higher buoyancy due to thicker rubber and air retention. Why not a dry suit? You choose the undergarment depending on water temp and I've seen a variety of prices depending on the manufacturer. I've had my DUI for over a decade now and I doubt I'll ever have to replace - save seals....
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