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  1. The 15mmFE has the rear element very close to the lens mount thus no clearance.


    I've not used the Kenko but have a couple of the Canon 1.4x's and the front element

    extends beyond the lens mount and fits into the receiving lens.

    You might be able to use an extension tube to couple the two but the minimum focusing

    distance becomes very near and may be a problem for getting a dome port too near to your

    subject, perhaps even subjecting your port to potential scratch damage from the reef etc.

  2. For Sale - Subal CD4 Housing for Canon 1DMKIV - New $5000




    Never been wet. Still in Bubble Wrap. Type 4 Port Mount.

    Handles, Extra O-Ring incl.


    Please email me at carydeanphoto@gmail.com. My internet connection

    is spotty and I can't always log on but I still get emails on my mobile.

    I'm in Bangkok, Thailand.


    Will try to get pics up tomorrow.


    Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fee if that's how payment is made.

    I can also take Credit Cards via Square plus their fee (less than PP's fee).






  3. Flew them last year from Nadi.

    Ticket counter was helpful and gave me a pass on carry on camera

    bag (which was way over weight but had been allowed by every other airline )

    after I pleaded my case about pro camera gear etc.

    Security agent sent me back to counter (different agent)

    where they proceeded to hit me with $350US in overweight fees and

    claimed they would gate check at boarding time.

    They never came back at boarding time and I still

    carried bag on.

    Was less than happy and felt like I'd been scammed

    but was happy to be on to next leg of trip.

  4. Hey guys


    How would a Hasselblad 500c/m and a 50mm go underwater? is that just a portrait setup? I want to shoot models with it and have found a hasselblad and housing combo thats in my budget but i'm worried 50mm is not wide enough.






    It's like a 28mm in 35mm terms.

  5. You're right it is not current tech but it still works... A better investment might be in newer tech

    but only for a while. There's always something newer. Perhaps a system where you can continue to use

    the ports (from a system for your 5D1) a couple generations into the future (MKII, MKIII - whatever)

    would be a better long term benefit. I've found, though it may not always be so, that you lose money

    every time you buy a housing and then upgrade to the newest and latest.

    There was a used 5DMK 1 housing that was modified to use with a MKII recently for sale here on WP.

    It should be better priced than a specific MKII housing (I didn't pay much attention when I glanced at the

    classifieds). The issue is some housing manufacturers upgrade their port systems (Subal type 3 - type 4)

    to keep up with the increasing girth of some newer wide zoom lenses which could mean you wouldn't

    be able to use them on their newer type 4 mount housings. (sometimes there are adapters)

    I think Aquatica has the same size port mounts and their housings are relatively affordable (especially used)

    so that might be a more cost effective way to house your MKI. Something to consider.... Good luck.

  6. I use a similar lanyard to Gina's except that it has two steel clips instead of that nasty plastic one and loop. I bought it on the UK e-bay. Here is a similar, but not identical, one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/STAINLESS-STEEL-SPRU...=item56403119dd


    I have a Cetacea. Attaches to the metal ring under my dovetail

    for my strobe arms.

    (this one but with 2 metal clips - http://www.cetaceacorp.com/coil-lanyard-en.html)

    I didn't know they could be factory customized until I asked

    the right person. Only $5 addl for the customization.


  7. Thanks for posting this. Howard is a master.

    Appreciated reading the models perspective.




    I don't know about you, but I've found great inspiration from Howard Schatz's underwater pool images.

    And Yoga too.

    So what a nice surprise to see an underwater photograph on the cover of Yoga Journal this past month.




    Also, an interesting article from the model's pov in dealing with the underwater environment here.


    So, has anyone else tried capturing people in Yoga moves u/w?



  8. Sea and Sea YS-250 Pro Flash $675ea + shipping

    (or can P/U locally) CONUS only.

    Includes Battery, Diffuser, Charger w/ac Cable, Manual, O-Ring.

    Used but taken care of. About 50 dives total. 2 available.

    *Sync Cord NOT Included.

    If you buy both I'll include an extra Battery.

  9. Thanks gregarius .... I think I've made up my mind and am now going with the Subal & 5DMKII .... with twin Inon z 240s (unless someone could tell me why the YS-250s would be better) and the 16-35/15mm lens.

    It was recommended that I get the Zen 230 port.


    Still would like a link to the best light supports.




    Inons are smaller, lighter and have a confusing UI until you learn it.

    You'll also face lower guide number, slower recycle times and the

    need to change/charge batteries more often but great flashes.


    250's are faster, more powerful, physically larger and way heavier.

    They may also be more difficult to position for macro shots

    (my experience at times) but great flashes.


    You just have to decide what fits your needs better. Both will do

    the job.

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