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  1. Since we've spoken previously, I may as well chime in...


    I tried (with some frustration) the Subal 8" dome with the 16-35 II and abandoned

    that lens for the 15mm FE due to sharpness/focus issues with the recommended

    dome/extension/diopter for the 16-35.

    When Zen released the 9" dome for Subal it became possible to use both lenses

    with great results.


    The Subal 5D housings have dual bulkheads so you you're hardwired to the YS-250's

    (which are heavy but provide great recycle times and a lot of power)


    I've got a buddy that has the Subal for his 7D (his 1st Canon after switching from Nikon)

    and he seems to be very happy with that system and the 10-17mm for his WA work.


    I'm sure you'll be stoked no matter what you get. There's boat loads of good people here

    that'll help you suss things out rather quickly.

  2. For Sale - Canon EF 300 2.8L IS Like new $4000. OBO

    Approximately 6 months old.

    Will consider some trades/ partial trades

    - ie (Canon Fast EF Prime lenses)


    Purchased thinking I'd use it more than I do, figure

    it's better to turn it into something I'll use more.

    PM me for additional questions, offers etc. Thanks.

  3. My wife and I are looking to book a trip with the Fiji liveaboard NAI'A.

    Have you been on it before, and if so, would you recommend it in regards of dive sites, service, food, etc.

    Thank you!


    Not sure when you're wanting to go but I spoke with them at The Scuba Show last year in Long Beach.

    Great people and very informative. I've met many people that have been on the boat and have never

    heard a complaint.

  4. They cannot be used in TTL mode apparently.

    I already contacted a guy about them.


    I am not sure what TTL mode is exactly, but its seems like I would need it (through the lens, but whats that mean?).


    With the Sea & Sea TTL adapter they'll do TTL but you're better off with

    manual mode most of the time. (specifically for Wide Angle)

  5. Hi Pascal,


    Have heard good things about Aquatica and I think you hear their name most in relation

    to the 5D MKII because their housing is less expensive and was available earlier than some

    of the others.

    Yes you can switch to video easily from still UW. I am not a video guy (even with the best of intentions)

    so don't have much experience to pass along on that end.

    As to the leakage claim, I can say I've never experienced any type of water intrusion with a

    Subal housing. Ever. I have had a non Subal dome port get condensation before when a boat

    deckhand put a housing on deck, wet with the dome facing the sun. (I always turn my domes away

    from the sun and put a towel over them to protect from the heat/direct sun)





    Hi there


    Many many thanks for all this information. I am actually thinking of investing good equipement. I probabely will make a choice of one of thouse that I mentioned. Still it is not easy to decide, it will take some time. Aquatica has it's easy-video-button, the other ones are more expensive and have probabely a better reputation, but are they better in use? (I 've heard of bad experiences with Subal and 5D - leakage-problems) Has anyone experiences with producing video with MK II? Is it possible to switch underwater between photo and video? I have heard that there are "Fusion-Flashes" which functions also as video lights very well. ( http://subtronic.de/subshop/index.php?page...1&Itemid=64 ).


    All the best, Pascal

  6. Aren't most modern battery chargers incl. laptop chargers/ac adapters multi voltage?


    You probably only need a plug adapter for the country(ies) you're traveling to.


    I found that here in SE Asia plug adapters are plentiful and inexpensive but plug

    outlets are at a premium. (usually only 1 per room)


    I've found that I only used my converter limited times until I figured out the

    multi voltage/adapter route.

  7. Well looks like copy variances are pretty different for both 16-35II and 17-40. Someone sent me this:


    Digilloyd lens comparison


    which shows the 16-35II to be actually less sharp than the 17-40 at pretty much every f stop past f4 in the corners. There's not a lot of difference but noticeable. The test shots show more vignetting in the 17-40, but the resolution charts don't lie. It's the opposite of what I found, so I did a little search and found this:

    Photozone 16-35 II IMATEST Results

    Photozone 17-40 IMATEST

    That supports my assertions about the 16-35 being sharper than the 17-40. Basically, I'd test a few copies of each and see which one performs the best. My other observation about AF still stands though, the f2.8 lens will let you use the X type AF sensor. I'm a little surprised by the variation in QC with the L lenses. I suppose every manufacturer has to deal with this.

    Good point Drew!

    I've been fortunate to mostly get good lenses out of the box.

    Camera bodies are a different story. (5d's were perfect out of the box though)

    Took the MKIV back 2X. Images just weren't sharp. Thought it

    was unreasonable that one should have to calibrate body to lenses.

    (Didn't use to have to with film) So took the body back till I got one that

    was sharp out of the box. Did a lot of online studying before making

    the decision to return though. (micro-adjust etc)

  8. I almost always assemble my camera the night before, it means I can take my time.


    I also leave it in the housing until I have taken it home and given it a good wash, and let it dry properly. When diving in the UK, I can have total travel time of around 4 hours to get home (1.5 hours on the boat, 2.5 hrs in the car). I keep my rig in a cool bag, so it is not in direct sun, and the salt doesn't dry on it.


    When on a dive trip, it gets a rinse at the end of the day, and I will only open it to change batteries/cards/lenses. Whenever I disturb an O-ring I clean it and very lightly lube it.


    My choice as well. :)

  9. Hi Mike,


    This is one I have personal experience with :)


    I had the Subal DP-FE4 8" Dome w/ the Schneider diopter

    and the 76mm Port Extension that was recommended and

    the 16-35II. Had bad enough results that I quit using the

    lens underwater and only shot my FE for W/A.


    Almost a year later the Zen 230mm Dome has allowed me to

    use my 16-35II with no diopter and I couldn't be happier with

    the results.

    (though I need to change my extension to a slightly smaller

    one because of an occasional bit of vignetting at 16mm)


    Sold the Subal port to a buddy that just bought the 7D

    housing and it works a treat with his 10-17mm.


    The 17-40 would have made things simpler but I already

    owned the other lens...

  10. Just so those responding know what I'm looking for price wise... $4300.

    for the Housing and Finder.


    Subal CD5M2 Underwater Housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark II W/GS 180 Viewfinder

    which gives a 150% increase in images size compared to the standard finder.

    Housing Brand New - $4,500.00

    GS 180 Brand New - $1,250.00 when purchased w/ the housing (more if purchased

    after the fact) Total - $5,750.00 - New from Backscatter etc.

  11. I have a Subal 5DMKII type 4 housing in excellent condition (aprox 1yr old)

    A few minor cosmetic blemishes (normal wear) no chipped paint or rust.

    Has handles, Dual Nikonos bulkheads.

    No ports included but would consider a kit price including a US 5DMKII body

    (aprox a year old) in excellent condition with grid screen and 3 batteries, charger

    etc. (for the right price).

    I also have a set of 2 Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro strobes in excellent condition.

    Only complication is I'm currently in Bali Indonesia with the housing and body

    but the YS-250's and the box for the 5DMKII are in the US.

    If we can come to a fair agreement (price) for the both of us all the better.

    Make me an offer via PM.

    Thanks for looking.

  12. <br />Arriving in Ubud Oct 11, Tulamben on the 12th for a few days of diving.<br />Any wetpixies there during this time frame? First beer is on me.<br />I will be at the Liberty Dive Resort at Tulamben.<br />
    <br /><br /><br />

    Hi Dave,

    I'm in Ubud currently. Would be happy to meet with you and pass on the limited info

    I've learned since I've been here.


    Dove the Liberty a few weeks ago. Had lousy viz and about 25 divers in my shot.

    Dive early in the morning for thinner crowds.

    Lots of rain here over the last month which has contributed to the poor viz.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of reef life and the reefs themselves.

    I imagine in the dry season they're simply stunning.

    Went into a few shops and was disappointed by the language barrier and lack of

    information so was happy to find Aquamarine.

  13. Hi Dave,

    In Bali Currently. Have only used ATM's. No problems.

    Use the Schwab card like Deb mentioned. Only problem

    with Schwab is waiting for the money you transfer into

    the account to clear. Usually takes about a week. Have

    used my Chase card while waiting for the transfer to clear

    and got hit with double fees. One for checking balance and

    one for withdrawl.

    Haven't used my US$ for anything here.

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